Friday, September 22, 2017

And here's the September Issue

Can’t remember the last time I updated my blog. Whatever happened to that promise of writing up more entries this year? Anyway, let’s see at what point in my life I am standing now, according to my 2017 goals.

Goal #1- Be slutty… I mean fit.

Strange enough, I’ve lost 10 kg. My dimple on my left cheek (the face’s cheek) is now visible every time I show my desperate-for-sex-like-I-am-a-really-sex-starved-perv smile to cute guys. My secret? Well there isn’t any. It just happened, like the immaculate conception. I just woke up one day standing on the weighing scale and I’m 10 kg lighter. I try not to think about it or say the word (fucking cancer?!). It’s a bit worrying.

Goal #2- Write!

Well I really had more time with Mary Palms than writing stuff. I’ve been busy, not with work, but with Instagram- following royalties, half-naked guys and checking out the next travel destination. And there are times when I’m on a creative phase that there will be a lot of distractions- new porn material (it’s so obvious that I’m single, LOL!), phone calls from friends, my car was being towed and I literally ran after it, or any goddamn shit.

Today, there’s no one else in our apartment and I am not in the mood for Mary Palm, that’s why I’m writing this! Yay!

Goal #3- Raise money.

Three thousand euros. Well I have more debts than savings as of now. I’ll be meeting with my networking business partner this Sunday for the goods that I’ll be selling, in the hopes that it will make me richer. I did promise to do anything from odd jobs to blowjobs. No odd jobs though. And worse, not even a blowjob. LOL!

Goal #4- Credit history.

I have been swiping my credit card a bit too much lately. For the sake of establishing a good credit history. I think I need to look over my expenses right now.  

Goal #5- Read 24 books.

I am reading my 14th book, and I am 4 books behind schedule.

Goal #6-Plans for next year’s Grand Tour.

It’s final. After so much yes and no, and so much hesitation, it is decided that I will go to the Philippines next year. Destinations will be Manila, Bohol, Palawan and Boracay. To fellow bloggers who are still around here reading, I hope to see you there!

Goal #7- This year’s getaways.

This year I’ve been around and enjoyed travelling from north to south of Italy. I was so happy until I checked by wallet. Hahaha!

Goal #8- Be this year’s Santa to my family

Well, I’ve been considering some stuff that they would appreciate receiving this Christmas. I’ve been looking around for sales and special discounts.

I have also been thinking of creating a new blog, or maybe I’d just revamp this one. This used to have a direction and a purpose. There’s used to be a vibrant community of fellow bloggers. Where are they now? Where are we now? Sigh.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Life: Humanity’s Stupidity and the Road to Extinction (Not a Review, But a Definite Spoiler)

I have begun to appreciate the science-fiction genre, so I went to see the movie “Life” because basically I’m just girl-fanning for Jake Gyllenhaal.

I’m not trying to make a review here. I just want to speak out my thoughts about this movie. The ending is bad. Not cinematic bad. It just seemed stupid. A group of highly intelligent people, experts in fields of engineering, science, medicine and many other stuff. All failed to contain a Martian creature from entering our planet.

I mean, they are intelligent. How come it ended in this moronic manner? So stupid.

I have always this theory that one day humanity will implode because we keep on producing stupid kids. Well not necessarily stupid kids, but we tend to impose stupidity upon our species by denying ourselves anything that will improve our thinking.

But I am not really sure if the movie itself is stupid, or the movie is actually mocking humanity by telling us- “this is you, humanity. You will like this movie. And I will make a stupid ending because you’re all stupid.”

Or perhaps, it is prophesying to us, telling us of what is coming ahead of us. Ugh. I hate humans.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Goal #7 in Detail...

Sabi ko kailangan ko makaipon ng pera at mag raket para makapag raise ng pera. So that means kailangan mag sacrifice.

Pero I remember when I was young (still young naman, what I mean is when I was younger), I always look forward na makapasyal at mag roadtrip kung saan-saan pagnagka trabaho nako.

Ngayon pa talaga ako magtitiis. Sabi din naman nila, kailangan matuto ng late gratification- yung magtiis ngayon at kapag maluwag na, saka magpakasawa sa lahat ng gusto.

But then, masisiraan din ako ng ulo kung hindi naman ako makakapasyal. So I’m going local! Why not make low-budget trips to towns and cities nearby? 

Here’s my Travel Bucketlist of 2017.

1.      Go to Reggio Emilia and eat a bucket of chicken at KFC

Reggio Emilia is a city in northern Italy. Besides Rome and Milan, it has also a KFC restaurant. We do not have the luxury of having a wide array of choices of fast-food restaurants. Italians are quite slow to understand and appreciate fast-food culture. KFC recently entered the slow-food nation and I’m going to travel 180 km just to eat fried chickent.

2.      Visit Orvieto- it was one of the papal residences in the past until it was annexed to Italy in the late 1800’s. I’ve always been fascinated by the papacy’s power and legacy, that’s why I want to set my feet where Popes loved to tread.

3.      An overnight in Cinque Terre- I want to go back to Cinque Terre. The first time experience was really terrible. I want to go back again so maybe this time it would be better. 

And I also heard of a very interesting boat tour. 

Di ba?

4.      Summer Escapade in Elba Island- that small and lovely island where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled. I’m already trying to convince friends and my cousins to come with me. Drawing na naman yan.

5.      A Boat Tour in Lake Como- hoping to see George Clooney

6.      Revisit Turin and see the Reggia Venaria- If can’t go back to Versailles, then I’ll experience opulence in this magnificent palace in the north.

7.      Wine-tasting in Siena- my own version of Under the Tuscan Sun

8.      A day trip in Ferrara- I’ve heard so much about this so it’s time to make the plan real.

Sige, drawing lang tayo ng drawing. Magiging totoo din yan!

The Book Inquisition ep. 9: The Pink Morgue

The Queen of Queer Queries summons Jack Sagrado’s “The Pink Morgue”, claimed as Philippines’ first-ever collection of homoerotic mystery and suspense stories.

  1. How was the cover?
Grabe, ginalingan nila mga bes. 1 point and an extra 0.5 for including a box case and the naked male torso as cover image.

1,5 points

  1. Did the book live up to my expectations?

The claims to be the first-ever thingy, and perhaps it is. But I was expecting stories that will really take my breath away, the kind of effect I had when I read Manila Noir. In fact, I had the latter as a point of reference. But it didn’t live up to my expectations really. The stories are good but not good enough to give me nerdy-bookworm orgasms.

0,5 point

  1. Did it compel you to do something you’ve never done before? 
Did it compel me to do something morbid, and something gayer than what I am doing now? Nah! But the idea of gay ghosts kinda did remind of something.

Yes, I downloaded this gay porn movie. Now for some Mary Palm moment… LOL!

0,5 point

  1. Was the plot development refreshing and more than the usual shit you read or has it became your reality?

I can’t say it’s refreshing at all. But since it is the first of its kind then let’s just give it 1,5 points for starting this genre that could pave the way for more interesting reads in Philippine literature.

But of course, there are enjoyable stories here.

“The Old Sapa Road” is a ghost story but more like a bad romance thing where the living and the dead collided for one night to bring back to life a past romance.

“The Pageant”, I wish this story could’ve been developed more. A crime story that revolves around a gay beauty pageant and its beauty queen murdered. Nothing is more interesting than a homicidal scorned pageant diva.

“The Pink Morgue” is truly the centrepiece here and the best among others. What happens inside a morgue when fabulous gay ghosts inhabit it?

A total of 8 stories, all very interesting but these three are the best. Unfortunately, making them short stories kind of shortened my enthusiasm over them. I believe that if the author developed all 8, each as a novel or a longer story, then I truly believe they would be good reads.

1,5 points

  1. Were the characters of the story similar to your favourite imaginary friends?

I would like to have a criminal diva beauty queen as a friend and speak to some gay ghosts. They would go along well with the voices in my head.

1 point

  1. Has it changed your way of thinking? Have you become a better person or remained the same asshole in the neighbourhood? 

I haven’t changed at all. I think I’ve become more demanding, expecting more from gay writers to add more colours in Philippine literature.

0 point.

  1. Tonight. Sex or this book?

Three stories to read, and I’d put it on one corner. Then proceed to my Mary Palm Moment with this material. 


0,5 point

A total of 5,5 points. Could’ve done better. Fell short of expectation. Masturbation can compensate. LOL!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Book Inquisition no. 8- Delusions of a Dictator

The Book Inquisition no. 8- Delusions of a Dictator

Her Illustrious Highness, the Queen of Queer Queeries of the Book Inquisition summons William C. Rempel’s- “Delusions of a Dictator: The Mind of Marcos as Revealed in His Secret Diaries”, gifted to Her Royal Gayness by diva blogger Balut Manila.

  1. How was the cover?

It is used, old and tattered. I liked it. No, I love it. It gives a very vintage feel to it. And when I see words like “delusion” and “dictator” being associated to the photos of Ferdinand and Imelda. A full 1 point.

  1. Can the book cause a lot of controversy? Or if the book is controversial or has an outrageous claim to something or really popular, did it live up to your expectations?

Published in the early 90’s and written by a foreign journalist who got his hands on Marcos’ secret diary that reflects his delusional thoughts and the lies the dictator tells to himself, this discovery guarantees a whirlwind of controversies, especially now that his cronies are now doing their best to rewrite history before they go to hell.

2 points.

  1. Did it compel you to do something you’ve never done before?

No, not really. But it did made me reconsider certain facts in our history and our present condition that helped me form my personal conclusion.

1 point

  1. Was the plot development refreshing and more than the usual shit you read or has it became your reality?

It’s not a work of fiction but it is refreshing from hearing and reading the revisionists’ bullshits online and in the media.

2 points

  1. Were the characters of the story similar to your favourite imaginary friends, or did they get along well with the creature under your bed, or have they become the friends/lovers/sex-slaves you’ve always wanted in your delusional world?


  1. Has it changed your way of thinking? Have you become a better person or remained the same asshole in the neighbourhood?

It is a good book that is based on sound judgement of the facts in our history- a book that portrays a truthful image of a delusional man drunk on power and greed. Filipinos of today will condemn this book and its readers who uphold it as truth. Because we Filipinos, we betray our own kind and spit on the grave of our heroes, and change our history in favour of those traitors. This book makes me different and separates me from the “enlightened” citizens.
1 point.

  1.  Tonight. Sex or this book?

Sandro Marcos enters my chamber. By that time, I’ve already finished the book. I will not undress that young man. I’ll give him copy and send him away. After all, he’s still a Marcos. Cute, but still a Marcos. His name dispels all sexual urge from me. I would read again this book. But if Borgy Manotoc (his cousin) came in, well, I might consider doing him. But that's another story. 

2 points

 A total of 9/10 points- A must read.