Monday, November 07, 2016

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

November Reins

Now play November Rain by Guns n’ Roses. No reason. Background music for reading.

If they were still this young, a threesome would be great.
Almost 5 AM. Sleepless and it’s the second day of the November. And we’re almost there, almost at the end of 2016. Many things have happened regardless of how I totally abandoned my goals for this year.

Here I am after more than two months of not writing anything. I refuse to declare hiatus or apathy because that is not the case. I just gave up on life, that’s all. Lost all the drive. These days, only vendetta and rage motivate me but the results are always thwarted by the numbing effect of religion (truly the opium of the mass). How I wish I could have all the time and concentration to write and create worlds and people, give birth to all my delusional thoughts on paper, on my stack of leather-bound notebooks (I always believed that I’d be able to use them and write something in them), or in this blog.

In fact, I’ve been considering to close this one, and start a new one. I’ve been meaning to write not as Tripster Guy or T.G. Bagyo, but as the delusional lord and ruler of butandings, the Prince of Whales. But I am still undecided.

It feels like I am always held back from achieving a better life, a better me. My procrastination, my cynicism, my fucking job, my lack of education, class and sophistication, my laziness, my religion and the divine duties I must perform, my fear of being totally out and becoming a loud drag queen with huge D-size silicone boobies, my overweight body, goddamnit, I am blaming it on everything!

Who else but the one and only true queen, Bianca del Rio
Ok, pity party’s over.

So what’s next? I’ll be doing some silly one-man performance for a little girl’s birthday party. I hope next time I’ll be doing some burlesque dancing in front of a lust-filled gay crowd. LOL! Oh that would be a dream come true. And speaking of dreams, I might get the car of my dreams. I should be saving up to move out of home. It’s really embarrassing. But I just can’t leave them behind, for some reasons that are not really valid but seem quite serious and important for me to consider (i.e. helping out in taking care of our two octogenarian lolas). Cost of living is not really difficult. It’s simply super fucked up plus sonafabitch income tax and other taxes. Tangna this.

Will you become a dream come true?

If I really have to move out, I would only be able to afford a small apartment in some remote area where my navigator wouldn’t be able to register the location. I don’t mind a small apartment and the galaxy-wide distance from my work. But Florence has a history of having one of the world’s most terrifying serial killers roaming the sub-urbs. Unless it’s a Jeffrey Dahmer kind of serial killer who is really cute to fuck, then it would be ok for me to be knocked out and be eaten.

Jeffrey Dahmer- the cutest man-eating human/demon/sonafabitch that roamed the earth

Add to that the apocalyptic phenomenon of successive earthquakes that’s been rocking Italy. God can be so confusing- sending messages of hope in life while sending out all the signs of the world’s end and the futility of human aspirations. Sigh.

Ah hello November! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Of Swords and Saints: The Sword in the Stone

This picture maybe familiar to you.

Disney’s version of the story of the sword Excalibur and King Arthur. According to popular British legend, the Excalibur, the sword in the stone, will only be pulled away by the true and rightful king of Britain, that is Arthur.

One research led me to another and I found out that there’s a sword embedded in a stone and can be found somewhere in Tuscany. But its story is kind of told in reverse.

There was a ruthless and worldly knight who goes by the name Galgano Guidotti. According to some records, it was said that later on in life, Galgano had two visions. In his first vision, he saw Archangel Michael telling him that he, the angel, will protect the knight himself. In his second vision he saw the Creator and the twelve disciples. After seeing the visions, his horse took him on top of Monte Siepi. There he decided to plant a cross but could not find any wood to cut so he plunged his sword into the stones in the ground, a gesture of his pledge to live a holy life dedicated to the Lord.

I am not sure of the story’s authenticity since the Church at the time had to fabricate certain stories of saints. But the relics found there are quite awesome, and many people in the past have claimed to have experienced miracles and healings.

But I was wondering. We Filipinos have a famous saying- itaga mo sa bato. Pilipino kaya si St. Galgano?!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

San Galgano Abbey: Touching Heaven, Changing Earth

I went to one of the most peculiar places of worship in Italy- the San Galgano Abbey. It is in the province of Chiusdino.

Construction started in 1220 and was finished six decades later. In the Middle Ages it was one of the finest work of architecture and was one of the centres of power and wealth in the territory of Tuscany as the abbey allied itself with the Republic of Siena. Tragic events brought the end of its magnificence. All that’s left of it are its arches and walls and an open ceiling. Nevertheless, one can still see the remnants of its glorious past.

From afar the idyllic Tuscan background gives the church a very quaint image.

As you step inside the ruins, you will be amazed to see the clear blue sky from the roofless abbey. 

Such spectacular view would make you think that this church can be holy grounds again, even if lightning and earthquakes struck it down, even if greedy men and wars despoiled and desecrated it. This place can still be holy as long as the faithful witness God’s glory and dwell there to worship the Creator.

The Chapter House

The cloister, and that's my sister...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Good reads so far...

Works by my favourite writers…

Sherds by the illustrious F. Sionil José

It has the same old favourite theme of F. Sionil José- class struggle. But you can’t get enough of it, simply because it’s a story that is truly happening in the Philippines.

Peter Gregory Golangco, an artist, academician and a hacendero who belongs to the old and wealthy Golangco clan, meets the feisty and bright student, Guia Espiritu, and was mesmerized by her native beauty and wit.

The rich guy is frustrated because he couldn’t decide whether he wants her as a mistress, or as his protégée, or as his daughter. The author has always rich DOM’s in his stories. LOL! But that’s fine with me. I don’t want to be judgemental.

So the girl will be an inspiration for him, but will she be his ultimate downfall?

The book poses the questions about the Filipino artist and its role in the struggle of the poor and the end of the rich’s supremacy.

Very interesting and insightful to read.

after the quake by the literary drug Haruki Murakami

after the quake is a collection of stories that revolve around the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Six stories written in Murakami’s distinctive and addictive style. I honestly don’t know how to expound on that. Nevertheless it is a wonderful book. I always consider his works as drugs and my ultimate source of psychological escaper from my dreary personal life.

Get high on this book, not on drugs.

Twisted 7 by The Universal Potentate, Her Imperial Highness, Grand Empress Jessica Zafra

Her rants and raves about the great, the noble, the squalid, and the mediocre will make you laugh out loud, and realize that she is the ultimate diva that would change your life, or at least brighten your day with sarcasm and irony. Not to mention her crusade against the stupid.

Read Twisted 7. Pledge your fealty to Her Imperial Highness the Grand Empress. Enjoy!