Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Curtain Call for the Silver Screen

Is this the end of the silver screen culture?

It’s been three weeks and I still can’t believe that Variety Cinema, the movie theatre near our home, is closing!

The streets in our area are always blocked with traffic from until not only because of the commercial activity in our area but most of all because of the cinema. I remember when Avatar came out tickets and reservations were sold out for almost a week. I never had the chance to watch it in 3D and until now I still haven’t sent he movie.

 It really pains me a lot to see the cinema closed. I’ve been there several times and I was quite satisfied with it. And just think how the Florentines feel about!

The whole neighbourhood is becoming more and more depressed with the situation. Several politicians, especially from the center-right parties have intervened to save the beloved movie theatre.

From what I’ve heard, the owners of the cinema couldn’t pay their debts so the ownership went to the hands of some real-estate firm who plans to construct apartments. And I think they’ll build apartments like small boxes for sardines with the most incomprehensible prices.

I really don’t like the depressing mood in our area. Five years ago it was so busy, filled with the bustle and hustle of the commercial activity, and a very vibrant atmosphere. Now, people are just getting troubled with shops, coffee shops, and the cinema closing down.

Mayor Renzi please do something! Life was easier when there was Variety and there were more parking spaces!!!!!

*          *          *

I think it’s time for the local government to stimulate and help the business of movie theatres. I think they should also educate the people to learn to appreciate the ‘silver screen culture’ instead of downloading movies which were smuggled and uploaded illegally by criminals.

People, like my sister, who think that paying for a movie ticket and buying DVD’s is stupid. I think of them as hypocritical criminals in the making.

The very reason why we end up with such crap like “Hating Kapatid” and the closing of cinemas and the loss of jobs of some people is because criminals/irresponsible citizens would love to get freebies even if it’s illegal and then complain that the government is not doing enough to save the community.

Of course they would explain that there’s nothing illegal with what they’re doing because they are simply ‘sharing’ files in the social network. It won’t be illegal if it’s not hurting the industry and most people, you idiot!

One way to solve the problem is to eliminate these ignorant social amoebae. Of course, some of my critics would say, “that’s not every Christian of you Brother Tripster”. Fine. Let’s do the most Christian way. Here’s an appeal to those criminals. I’ve got two words for those network pirates- Stop it! Other two words- Get lost!

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