Monday, February 07, 2011

Danao is killing me softly with his song...

Have you come to that point in your life when you feel like this day is simply dull and there’s nothing really interesting around you, not even the conflicting thoughts inside your skull. It is an ordinary boring day. Then all of a sudden you hear a guy with his distinct voice, singing an unknown song as he plucks each string of his guitar creating an unknown mesmerizing melody, and then you break down in tears, sobbing heavily. You’re weeping. Your soul is dripping out of from your body in each crystalline tear that you shed. You cry a lot but you don’t understand why! It’s not even because of your period, or hormonal imbalance, and it’s not even symptoms of any psychological disorder. Have you ever experienced something like that?

Don’t worry. You’re not a full-blown emo. Things like that happen. And it just happened to me.

In the Philippines we call it 'senti mode'. It means a particular moment where you just sit down to relax and listen to the saddest love songs that remind you of your past broken relationships  and those opportunities and lovers you left behind. And eventually you will cry. ‘Senti mode’ isn’t something that’s automatic. You set your heart and mind to do something stupid like that.

In my case it was different. I was totally unprepared for it.

This is what happened. I was checking my favourite radio dj Mo Twister's blog one night. He posted a video of him hosting a radio program with Johnoy Danao, a Filipino recording artist, as his guest. The guy played the song “Ikaw at Ako” (‘You and Me’).

The intro of the song undid something in my heart. And as the words of the song flowed on, so as my tears from my eyes started to fall down. I was crying like crazy! It was a full-on senti mode session and I knew it was so gay!

It never happened to me before, not even with my favourite musicians and bands. I think I just listened to the first two lines of the song and it just destroyed me. There’s this title of Roberta Flack’s song, “Killing Me Softly”, now I know what it means when she said, “killing me softly with his song.”

It’s embarrassing really, but what the heck! I just love pure talent!

I'm not sure if he's very popular in the Philippines. If not, well he deserves to be known because he's a very talented singer and songwriter. I might order a copy of his album.

You can download his songs from iTunes or order a copy of his album from his website-

Listen to it! Let’s support Filipino artist! Galing talaga! Pinoy ang dating!


  1. AHaha funny post.
    Senti mode? i didn't know that mode? hmmm....
    I should download it now :D

    Gosh he plucks those strings gracefully! wow

  2. I'll have this for my wedding song someday!
    I love it!

  3. Ikaw at Ako never fails to make my heart fall each time. :3


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