Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This is What Perversion of Justice Means

How is justice perverted?

photo from by Joe Galvez
When you have a Supreme Court with justices from the most prestigious university of the state acquit somebody like Hubert Webb as if they were saying, “He’s still convicted. But we’re releasing him anyways because of some technicalities that common people with common wits wouldn’t be able to understand. So shut up.”

Philippine society seems not to be bothered by the fact that our justice system acquits 8 out of 10 criminal cases and we all know that there’s a very big probability that they ARE criminals because our country is actually rated as one of the top ten most corrupt country in this planet.

But in this case, many are saying that Webb is indeed innocent.

I’m not sure how to react on this. I was still a kid when I heard the news. I didn’t understand much then. And the sentence to the trial of the century was laid down in 2000, and I was already here in Italy.

I haven’t got much to say about this. All I know is that Hubert is now famous like a rockstar and girls are running after him like female dogs in heat.

And that’s the perversion of Philippine justice- you convict an ‘innocent’ guy, make him suffer for almost a decade, then release him from prison like a rockstar.

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a celebrated personality. Perhaps I can massacre a family along with my rich barkada (as if I had high society friends!), get my family and friends to create a propaganda claiming my innocence, get jailed, then an acquittal, and then become the most famous boy-next-door!

 Of course I’m just rambling now because it’s right now and I’m writing this post and I’m not making any sense at all. Well that’s what you get when you write about a justice system that makes no sense at all.

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