Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Valentine’s Survey: The Handsome Poor vs the Ugly Rich, The Final Countdown

Fifty-one percent of Filipinos would choose a lifetime partner who is rich but ugly rather than someone who is good-looking but poor (46%), according to the Fourth Quarter 2010 Social Weather Survey conducted on November 27-30, 2010.
And here’s something interesting- 52% of men pick good-looking but poor, 57% of women pick rich but ugly.
Among women, preference for a life partner who is rich but ugly is high across all age groups. In particular, those who would choose someone rich but ugly is highest among the women aged 18-24 (71%), and decreases by age: it is 61% among those 25-34, 57% among those 35-44, 51% among those 45-54, and 50% among those 55 and above. No wonder why most politicians get the girls.

To all the girls out there: Sino ngayon ang manggagamit? Sino ngayon ang sincere?
Size doesn’t really matter. Looks, neither. It’s the money that counts.


Sige, sakayan niyo ang trip ko....