Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What Reyes Failed to Be?

He failed to be a traditional Filipino politician. Poor guy. I don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty of all the charges, but I believe he wasn’t able to handle the pressure anymore. It gives a very bad impression to the situation and the military.

Unlike in Japan or South Korea, it is very rare to hear news in the Philippines of politicians committing suicide because of their involvement in corruption cases

House of Representatives Minority Leader Edcel Lagman (unfortunately, such great political leader leads a group infiltrated by the dogs and other deviant furtive beneficiaries of the Arroyo administration) said that politicians and the media must desist from trial by publicity and must entrust such issues to the legal and judicial departments.

He’s right in some ways but he’s really wrong in SO MANY WAYS.

The principle is right. But let’s put it in the context of Philippine politics.

If all issues were to undergo the normal judicial proceedings and trial, the sentence would be laid down, perhaps, after five administrations and people would have no idea what happened because we all know that judicial proceedings and trials are sometimes ‘private issues’ for the rich and powerful. The public would be denied by all means of obtaining any information.

On the other hand, such trial by publicity exposes issues which need to be exposed and people are informed of what’s happening around them. But does it bother our political leaders?

Hon. Edcel Lagman, if the practise of the media and some politicians of trial by publicity is giving a bad result by pressuring those who are implicated, why is it that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and family are still alive? Why is the Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez still alive? Why is former President Joseph Estrada still alive? Why are the Ampatuans still alive? Why is Senator Ping Lacson is still alive and hiding? WHY IS IMELDA MARCOS AND FAMILY STILL ALIVE?

Here’s the reason why: THEY ARE NOT BOTHERED BY IT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ONION-SKINNED LIKE ANGELO REYES. That’s why suicide never came into their mind.

Holier than thou.... Mabait naman din sila diba?
For traditional Filipino politicians- resignation and suicide are NEVER, and again, I repeat, NEVER OPTIONS to get out of a problem. And we both now Mr. Lagman that we wouldn’t do what Reyes did if we were implicated with such issues. So stop complaining about being tried by publicity!

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