Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Film Fest with an Attitude

It was the second day of the festival (March 26) and that was my first visit to the 9th Korea Film Festival here in Florence.

The movie they were featuring that day was a sci-fi movie.  Such genre doesn’t really thrill at all. What really convinced me to come was the thought that this is a product of a Korean director. Korean filmmakers always surprise me so I gave it a shot.

I came to the movie house waaaaay to early. I’m usually late for any kind of appointment unless it is something that would really feed my addiction.

I went to the bar of the theatre which was practically empty. No soul to be found. Not even the traces of any of the special guests of the festival. I was looking for the director like a real groupie. No sign of Bong Joon-ho. Sigh.

I went outside and I waited for several minutes for my friend, the only one whom I have brainwashed successfully to come to the festival. Again I looked around hoping to find any of the guest directors of the festival.

I saw this Korean guy wearing a white Korean suit. I was staring at him; stared at him for quite a while like how a stalker would stare lasciviously at its object of obsession. The ardent excitement was dampened when I found out that he was simply one of the organizers.

This festival really drives me mad, hysterical, anxious, excited, and delirious all at the same time. The rush to grab the tickets and front row seats, pictorials with the writers and filmmakers, the conferences- these things excite me. Most of my friends think that it’s complete boredom, that they won’t come because they would pass out and die. That’s mainly the reason why I’ve always wanted to drag them here- TO KILL THEM COLD-BLOODEDLY WITH BOREDOM.

But what really makes this festival so special and interesting is because Florence Korea Film Festival is the only film festival with an attitude. Just look at its initials and you’ll understand-


Yep, that’s a real badass acronym for an event.

Here's the official video clip of this year's festival:

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