Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Letters and a Roman Holiday part 1

The blue skies of Rome by Ian Gallardo


I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me during my stay in Rome.

First, for not showing up when I arrived early in the morning. That morning I needed to show up in our church’s main office for official business and to leave my bags there. You were nowhere to be found. It’s okay. I’m not deliriously angry with you.

I went to a café and (as usual) I had engaged to my first shouting match of the day. Remember what happened in Milan? Well, it turns out that the old hag of a barista in Milan had a twin sister as ugly as her. I had my first shouting match of the day just for a croissant and cappuccino.

You called me and I understood that you overslept. It was fine. I had no choice but to embark on a journey alone around this metropolis. Imagine the excitement of a gullible country boy like me wandering alone in this urban jungle of Rome- among thieves, criminals, socialites, urban animals, idiots and ugly creatures, et al. At least now, in some ways, I know what to do the next time I’m going to visit the city for another business trip.

You told me where to go and gave me specific directions. I thought you were playing tricks on me. As I went down the labyrinthine Roman subway it all seemed an absurd practical joke. But it turned out that it is the only way to go. In circles. I thought I was going down the circuits of Dante’s Inferno.

After some dizzying hours I reached my destination, the
Barberini Square
. While I waited for you, I had the chance to have a shouting match (again) with a taxi driver who hastily stopped while I was evidently in the middle of the pedestrian lane. I thought I’d lose the match but the fool realised that I wasn’t going to back out. He accepted defeat and went away. It aroused my blood so well that I became even more excited. And the excitement turned into paranoia while I was waiting, maybe because I kept on remembering the day when some bandits stole my wallet one time I visited your city. There was only one way of calming myself down- coffee. I went to the nearest coffee shop and had some delicious cake and cappuccino. I wasn’t ready to have a nervous breakdown that day.

I was calm at last. And finally you showed up. If you were there, I would never be able to experience such delightful paranoia.

Second, for the lunch. It was great, partly because you paid for it. Hehehe. You see I’m really blessed for having generous and good-looking bestfriends. I don’t care if I look like a dump. All that matters is the fact that I can live with the generosity of my best friends. Hahahah! I know that I’m quite a freeloader. I insisted on paying my part of the bill but you didn’t want to accept it! But I’m really happy that you actually know how to appease the craving glutton in me. Thank you for being considerate and indulgent even if it’s against the strict orders of my inconsiderate doctor. Harharharhar!

Third, for the pictures. They actually remind me how monstrous I look right now and if I go on with my hideous lifestyle people might think that I’m Cookie Monster. The Roman panorama was fantastic- the Spanish Stairs, intriguing Skeleton Church of the Capuchins, and the Parliament’s palace, the Montecitorio. But I was quite dismayed to see my face. My freakin’ huge pimpled face!
The Spanish Stairs

And here’s another reason why you are such a true friend. You told me that if you only had enough time you could’ve edited them and made me look better. You are a true friend when you told me, “Hanggang may photoshop, may pag-asa (as long as there’s photoshop, there’s still hope). Hahaha!

I will return there again. Probably May. If the Lord wills it. If my imperial boss wills it too.

Hope to see you again soon.

Your freeloader of a friend and the most unlikely model for your photo-shoots,

Tripster Guy

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