Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Letters and a Roman Holiday part 2

Dear Fini,

            I waited for you outside the Montecitorio Palace but you didn’t show up. You’ve been like this since….ever.

            I’ve waited for you to become the new prime minister of this country. But what did you do? You settled on becoming the Parliament’s president and allowed yourself to become a pawn of that Premier D.O.M. I really think that you’re a lot better than Shorty.

            I think your brain is actually in your skull- alive and still functioning. Shorty’s half brain is located down there in his member and the other half is in his pockets. That explains why there’s so much bunga-bunga and miserly government budget all over the place.

            What are you so scared of? You don’t have to be insecure of anything. But then it’s not really easy to defy the child of Molech who is currently seated in Palazzo Chigi.

            But I’d still be waiting. I’ll be here waiting for you to get out of this Palace, kick the butt of Mussolini’s look-alike and run this freakin’ country to mental sanity. We can’t trust those whining weenies of left-wing parties.

            Coraggio! Rock on Roma!

Yours loyally,

The frustrated neophyte neo-fascist country boy

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  1. ewan... its nice, but was it really necessary to say you're a neo fascist? is that supposed to be sarcastic or what?


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