Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Old Poem Out from the Blue Box of Phenomenal Mysteries

It’s Sunday. Got bored with Facebook, Twitter and CNN (Countless Negative News).

I started opening some folders in my computer. Baka kasi may nakalimutan akong mga “paperwork” na dapat tapusin.

It occurred to me that I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of files in my hard-disk drive. I opened some of the files and I saw the old poems that I wrote during my detrimental trying-hard-to-be-poetic phase two or three years ago. I also found some unfinished short stories and the first chapter of the novel that I was trying to write.

Hehehehe…. Di naman talaga ako writer. Trying-hard nga lang eh.

Anyway I found a poem that is just perfect for the month of March since we are celebrating the International Women’s Month.

I wrote this long time ago. It is quite impudent and has derogatory words in it and many people would be crying out “Excommunicate him!”, “Off with his head!”, “We want a pound of his flesh (or should I say disproportionate adipose tissues or flab)!”.

But anyway, I would like to dedicate this poem to all the girls out there.

Yes, this is for you. Girl power! Rock on!

Dalangin ng Matuwid na Dalaga

Aba! Mga Birheng Maria!
            Pinaghahampas kayo ng disgrasya
ng mga panginoon ninyong bastardo.

Bukod kayong sinira ng kalalakihang
            Hangal at pinagpala naman
Ang mga putang hangal.

Mga santa Mariang ina ng kinabukasan,
            ang kalayaan niyo’y inyong ipaglaban,
ngayon hanggang sa inyong kamatayan,


by Tripster Guy

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