Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bye Bye Sea Breaks All Language Barriers (or The Tale of How a Cynical Critic Became a Hardcore Stalking Groupie)

Bye Bye Sea is an indie rock band in South Korea that became popular for making the intro music of the famous television series Playful Kiss. They are sometimes part of the cast in some scenes.

The band was being featured by the Festival organizers.

I was quite sceptical. How in the world would people enjoy a concert by a Korean band? Unless you know Korean, you won’t be able to have a great time at the concert.

But I was curious and I wanted to see. A friend of mine said he wanted to see them. I told him that the songs are in Korean. He said that the melody is enough to get you addicted.

Again, I had my doubts. I always say that it’s stupid and ridiculous how some Filipinos rave about Korean songs when they can’t even understand a word in the lyrics.

Those fans of Korean boy-bands with semi-gay-guy-trapped-in-super-skinny-lesbian-bodies-or-I-think-it’s-the-other-way-around members! They made me barf.

I read some of the reviews about the band and watched some of their videos and I thought they were quite good. So I told my friends about them and I asked them if they would be interested to join me in this excruciating pleasure of going to the Bye Bye Sea Concert. The teenage ones asked me, “Are they cute?”. I refrained myself with all my might from blasting poetic diatribes and going ballistic over idiotic questions.

This is a proof that my generation (circa 1980-1989) is the last generation with common sense. If there are any other intelligent life forms after our generation, they are pure exceptions. “Are they cute?”, what the hell is that supposed to mean?! You judge them not by their talent but by their appearance?! It was useless shouting or cursing at people like that because empty halls and shallow walls have more substance than these people. I’d rather talk to the walls.

So, my friend and I went to the concert… without superficial teenagers (I’m sorry girls, but I just had to say this. Just avoid making comments like that and think first before opening your mouths…if that’s not much of a trouble for you… thinking, that is.)

Just like in any other concerts, there’s an opening act. The band was good but the singer seemed to be chanting something incomprehensive. They wasted 15 minutes of our precious time. I was already at the point of shouting “Refund!” when five guys in the most quirky clothing and hairdos went up the stage. It was them, the mythical four plus the brother of the bassist.

Yes, this is the opening act. Look good. Play bad.

Obviously, I can’t remember the titles of the song. I don’t even know how to write the titles because they’re written in Korean! Hahaha!

At first, I thought they were good. The melody was good despite the fact that I can’t understand anything. But at the third song until the end, they were rocking the whole place! I felt the hall shaking and the stage at verge of breaking down.

Their performance was pure energy and pure talent. I loved every moment of it. Forget what I said about people singing incomprehensible Korean songs! This is great stuff! I’m particularly impressed by the vocalist Namu and their drummer Junhyuk and the bassist’s brother who was playing the lead guitar (I forgot his name and he is not an official member of the band). But as a whole, they played in perfect unison and were very impressive.

I was surprised and even ashamed to see myself among the crowd shouting and dancing at every beat! I was like, “What’s happening to me? This is so NOT ME! The unbecoming of me! Argh! I’m ruined! Hell yeah! Rock on!”

After the performance we decided to stay for a bit to take pictures of the guys. I thought that’ll be easy because they’re not that famous here. I was already a fan by that time.

I bought their CD and I wanted to get their autograph. Hell yeah, getting an autograph like a real groupie! Hehehe…..

It turned out that getting their autograph was a very hard, near impossible mission. They already had a groupie overnight. I had to push my way through among salivating girls, desperate gays, and some guys who wanted to take a picture with the band.

I even heard this conversation:

Girl 1: Excuse me but that’s my CD.

Girl 2: No, it’s mine. I passed this to the singer myself.

Girl 1: I assure you that it’s mine. I left a mark right over there on the cover of the CD.

Girl 2: I don’t see any other name here except mine. (raising her left eyebrow)

Uh-oh, cat fight!

In the end I had my CD autographed without having to deal with other wild fans.

After witnessing their performance, I was quite disappointed when I listened to the songs of their album City Complex. Maybe it’s just the blissful performance that I’m looking for.

I’m just happy to know that there’s really something substantial and good outside the confines of fluffy pink and blue Korean pop girl-bands and boy-bands.

South Korea can really offer the best to the world- Hyundai, Samsung, Korean Cinema, kimchi,  and of course, Bye Bye Sea.


  1. wahahahahahahaha! hands down, your blog posts makes me look like the real me: luka-lukang nakatakas sa mental! xD tawa nang tawang mag-isa...LOL!
    wow, kasali pa ko sa generation mo with a bit of a common sense...LOL! mine is shredded though... hahahahaa! ansarap kutusan nung kausap mong nagtanong kung cute daw ba yung nasa band hahahahaha! buti di mo nasampal! hahahahaha!
    to quote "After witnessing their performance, I was quite disappointed when I listened to the songs of their album City Complex. Maybe it’s just the blissful performance that I’m looking for."... yeah. i know the feeling. had the same thing when i first listened to UP Singing Ambassadors... the live one was awesome...the cd sucks. LOL! plus the live one is ok..but the enchantment is there pag malapit ka lang. hhahahahaha!

  2. kua mi lo presti il cd? please????


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