Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Castaway on the Moon

I took a break from watching a series of thriller movies during the festival and went to see the comedy Castaway on the Moon, directed by Lee Hae-jun, starring Jung Jae-Young and Jung Ryeo-won.

The story is about a loser (debt-ridden-heart-broken-near-sacked loser to be even more specific) who tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. Luckily (or unluckily) he was stranded in an island in the middle of Seoul. With no one to rescue him or any way to get back to the city, he accepted his fate and tried to create a home and a living in the small island.

Not faraway, a reclusive girl, who locked herself in her own room for almost three years, saw him while she was taking pictures of the moon. From then on, she started observing him as if he were an alien.

Since he was castaway from the world, Kim Seung-Keun evolved from an urban guy to a self-sufficient human being- he learned to hunt, catch fish, and even create a small garden of vegetables.

On the other hand, cloistered Kim Jung-Yeon mustered all her courage to overcome her agoraphobia and try to establish contact with the ‘alien’.

The movie wants to prove that no man can be an island and at the same time, in whatever circumstance you find yourself, it is really up to your attitude and mind to put things together and enrich your life.

We can’t live in a cocoon of delusions and lies. We can runaway from problems and the real world but we would just find ourselves in an island or locked up in our room.

In some ways I could identify myself with Kim Seung-keun (for being such a loser) and with Kim Jung-yeon (for being a recluse). These characters just tell you that do not despair. You may be an idiot but you can’t be a total loser all your life. Get out, breathe the fresh air and fight to live your life!

It’s a very original movie, ironic, truly entertaining, funny. A must-see!

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  1. Ok na sana, nagsermon ka pa sa dulo...mamma mia ka talaga! xD although its a very encouraging speech...hehehehe...thanks! two thumbs up!!! i really wished dumating yung director...hahawiin ko talaga silang lahat dun kung nagtaon! hahahahahaha!


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