Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wide Awake

Why should you take care of your body? Because you don’t want to experience anaesthesia awareness. After watching the movie Wide Awake by director Lee Gyu-Man, I swore by the dead bodies of my enemies that I will always take care of my health from now on!

The story is about a boy who was traumatized after experiencing anaesthesia awareness during a heart surgery. After the operation, he told his parents that he was aware of everything during the surgery- the conversation of the doctors and the nurses and the excruciating pain while they were opening up his body.

Twenty five years later, the doctors and nurses who operated on him begin to die under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Ryu Jae-woo, a surgeon married to Hee-jin, believes that the boy he remembers from his childhood is responsible for the deaths. The leading suspects are Lee Myeong-suk, who has been stalking Dr. Ryu, and the seemingly unhinged Uk-hwan. Hypnosis specialist Oh Chi-hoon also seems to know something about these deaths

For those of you who don’t know, anaesthesia awareness is a status that occurs when a patient is not given enough anaesthesia to knock down all his senses. Thus he becomes aware of everything during operation. It has different levels of “awareness” but the most traumatic is when the patient experiences full awareness and he actually feel the pain when he is being opened up and his insides are being pulled away.

The movie was based on a true story that happened in South Korea. There are other cases such as this in the US where patients who had this experience were traumatized and needed psychiatric assistance. In some cases, traumatized patients experience nightmares and hallucinations and depression, which eventually lead to suicide.

The story was pretty interesting and the plot is extraordinary because this is simply not one of those typical psycho-thrillers.

You’ll appreciate it very much and it will, as always with Korean thrillers, leave you troubled. Because it can also happen to you. This thriller is so real and time relevant it’ll scare you to the point of not going to any surgeon or doctor, ever.

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