Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Significant Figures ep. 02- Love and other Liaisons

Many- the number of times I’ve been dumped because I’m a torpe and a terrible lover.

scene from the movie Dangerous Liaisons.... i think... hahaha!

3 and a half- official ex’s, the half was a relationship partially official for some reason. I was young then, and plain stupid.

2- one-night stands, I don’t have many because STD’s scare me to death.

6- eager matrons who are supporting me

4- Sugar daddies that have sponsored my education

20- flirtatious flings

15- part-time lovers

46- the lies I’ve told about my above-mentioned relationships and secret liaisons.

0%- the chances that I would tell which of the above-mentioned “facts” are lies and truths.

100%- the probability that I’d tell the truth under torture. Well, I think even before the torture begins.
1000 euros- the amount that would partially convince me to tell the plain truth.

One or two- the number of suckers who would ask me about this.

0- current number of partner.... AGONIZINGLY DEPRESSING!

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