Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Epilogue- A Foreword of Another Journey

Church leadership is perhaps one of the greatest divine privileges a man can have in his lifetime. It is a privilege and it is a divine endowment because nobody can work for or even deserves an ecclesiastical office. It all comes by God’s grace.

            It takes a lot of time and incredible lessons on humility for a man to comprehend the implications of such privilege and to grasp the essential truth that no one is indispensable in any ministry or church work except for the Holy Spirit and God’s grace. Indeed we are mere instruments in God’s kingdom.
            I know it is quite pretentious of me to write such “epilogue”. Critics would think of me as pompous, but I would like to consider this as a duty to deliver an important life-lesson on leadership, my own apprehensions, and at the same time, the opportunity to share a testimony with others.
For more than six years, I have served in the kingdom of God from being a simple youth worker, and then as a youth leader. I’ve been through a roller-coaster ride in the ministry, took up great challenges, made difficult choices, made mistakes and was humbled (and still learning!), and achieved considerable successes and victories, only by God’s grace and solely for the glory of God. It was a moment in my life in which I learned so much about me and so much about God and His glory, His grace, and His eternal love.
            It was made clear to me that a leader must be well grounded on his calling- to which job one belongs and evaluating if one has the abilities and resources needed to reach the goal and the vision given by God. It all begins with God’s call and a man’s response to such divine mission and it must end with God as the Glorified King.

            Secondly, a leader must be committed to God, first of all, and then to his family, and finally to his friends. Commitment is one of the many fundamental ingredients of success in keeping a group or a ministry intact, revitalizing the consistency of progress, and the creation of wealth and opportunities for God’s children. 
             Furthermore, a leader is the courageous one in the group. Leadership exists because problems arise. Leaders are meant to be problem-solvers and to solve problems courage is needed. One must be brave to muster his strengths and will to push through and breakthrough. It is but imperative to eliminate fears in your life. Fear is not a pet that you must cuddle in your heart. Fear is the arch-nemesis that will assassinate you in any moment and will drag you to the deepest recesses of apathy and perdition. Most leaders today fail because they wouldn’t fight their fears, thus they deliberately limit God in their lives. Be courageous! Courage is when one is afraid of the dark but keeps on charging and walking forward towards the end of a dark tunnel. Courage is not an innate sentiment but a product of your faith in Jesus and the outcome of living a life in Christ, and genuine experiences in walking with God.
            Through pains and joys, a leader is not and never alone. He is sometimes detached from human affections, misunderstood most of the time, abandoned and betrayed, and perhaps forlorn in the face of great adversaries, he maybe one but he is never ever alone. I’ve been there and God was true to His promise.
            Therefore, a leader never stops. That’s why it is not a career that declines and fades away with senility. It is your life. It is etched in your destiny.
            My work in the youth ministry is done. It may be the end of a presidency, of an administration, but it is not the end of a life of being God’s servant. And this is definitely not an epilogue. This is a foreword for the beginning of another exciting journey, a life of servant-hood in the service of our Lord Christ Jesus.


  1. Whatta decent blog! What did you eat to make you write such encouraging words?! Oh my!
    Nice one though!
    Un applauso da parte dei bimbi!!! hahaha!!
    tutte le mani su!!!!

  2. hmmm... now THIS is charles and bryant's powers combined. interesting...we should really make those two guys merge more often. separately taken, one is an ass and the other's a hole. LOL!!! joke lang!!! Hurrah for Mr. Tripster!!! xD

  3. good luck bro sa mga future endeavors mo, life is great especialy when you're with HIM.


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