Sunday, June 26, 2011

Political Circus and Strange Bed-fellows

I saw my idol, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in fiery red gown which symbolizes not only her 40 years of marriage but also her fiery passion in fighting graft and corruption in government.

She looked so divine and perpetual together with her husband.

All of a sudden, from the doors the cathedral, dark figures started to manifest- The Iron Lady and the Charming Plunderer, the Devil’s emissaries in flesh and blood! And the daughter of Lucifer- The Megalomaniac Dwarf-Chienne!

I thought it was a practical joke. It is a joke right? I tried to convince myself that this is all a joke, or a nightmare. I slapped myself several times. But no!

I still can’t believe that former political nemeses are actually bff’s! This is like Paris Hilton’s BFF, uglier version.

These are one of the moments when you realize what has become of Philippine politics. It takes a lot of political prowess and deep understanding of Philippine political dynamics to be able to distinguish what is real and what is a show.

But then it’s not really easy to digest all of this and accept this as a way of political survival, all this squabble glamour, entertainment and power. We backed them up because we believed not only in their rhetoric but also we were convinced that they are the kind of people who have consecrated their lives fighting for the cause of the poor, giving voice to the youth and the people, and the crusade against graft and corruption.

And now here they are- the self-proclaimed saints and good guys and those who are convicted of a crime not only by judicial institutions but by History herself- all in one circle of adorable friendship.

If Janjan, the macho-dancer kid of Willie Revillame, is an act of perversion, now this is more than perversion. This is the abomination that causes desolation.

Nevertheless, I will remain faithful until the end and a staunch supporter and voter of Madam Senator, the Lioness of the Senate.

…and that was the day the music died.

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