Wednesday, September 07, 2011

There was a time when...

There was a time when culture and people made sense.
There was a time when blackberry and apple are used for nourishment. Today they are one of the basic elements of refinements in domestic consumption, in other words- meaningless waste in an advanced capitalist society.

There was a time when people would burst out with loud sounds of laughter. You could hear, "Hahahahaha....". Today, people laugh out loud, in the most ridiculous manner. They literally say, LOL. Is that even normal?

There was a time when wrong spelling and incoherent language were things of obtuse people. Today, wrong spelling and incoherent language are vernacular. Demographics show that there are now more obtuse people everywhere in the country.
There was a time when people go to church and ask God for help. Today, they go to Willie Revillame.

There was a time when the Philippines spoke English and Filipino. Today, they speak either jejenese or beckinese.

There was a time when a girl and a boy would be married because they are in love. Today, a girl and a boy are married because of their own stupidity.
There was a time when our concept of doing nothing refers to our timeless downloading of cool wallpapers and screen-savers. Today, it's being logged in to Facebook.
There was a time when singing talent refers to Michael Jackson. Today, talent refers to some over-rated brat called Justin Bieber.

There was a time when the title of diva was given to music artists such as Maria Callas, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Today, divas are trash-music-related-autotuned-wannabes such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Rebecca Black.

There was a time when epic is a long poem about heroes and virtues. Now epic is used by the young people in two ways: epic fail and epic win. Epic fail is the immortalization of their idiocy. Epic win is the immortalization of their idiotic bravados.
There was a time when beauty queens had brains. Today, we're happy because at least they're beautiful.

There was a time when women fought to become men's equals. Today, they compete against each other to achieve the title The Queen Chienne.
There was a time when hard-working community leaders, brilliant scholars, and charismatic community personalities became political leaders. Today, we have boxing champion, models, actors, criminals, warlords, and druglords. They usually support the cause of the Catholic Church.
There was a time when criminals were punished for the crimes they committed. Today, they are now sent to spend a heavenly stay at the Bilibid Prison. Bilibid Prison, so nice! With murder, you'll never think twice!
There was a time when Miriam Defensor-Santiago's speeches, statements and interviews matter a lot. Today, everyone's just anxious to hear what Kris Aquino or Mommy Dionisia has to say of national and political issues.

There was a time when people became heroes because they protected the country from invaders and fought for freedom and human rights. Today, heroes are the men and women who are the primary exported products of the Philippines, exposed to so much discrimination, hate, dangers and exploitation in all the continents of the planet. The OFW's are the "heroes" from which remittance centres and banks profit a lot, the people who are often considered walking-ATM-machines exploited by people from their baranggays up to that guy in Malacanang.

There was a time when people look at the youth they would smile and say, "They are the future.". Today, they look at the youth with a puzzled look and say, "They are the future?".
There was a time when a generation was passionate to change the world and shape the future. Today, it's simply.... FACEBOOK.

I was born between 1980-1989, the last generation with common sense.


  1. hahaha lol?! so true ... hard to say MAY TAMA KA DIN ! hahahhah ..

  2. totoo to sobra. grabe nakita to sa post mo si willie revillame nasira araw ko. i sooo hate him. haha. and the pacquiao's!

  3. Hehehe... sorry if i ruined your day. Just want to make people aware of our present situation. Ngayon pa na si pacman ay nagdecide tumakbo na vice president ng pinas....

  4. Lufet mo talaga Bro! swak na swak ang mga sinabi mo.. Ano na ba ang future ng sambayanan at ng henerasyon na ito?! oo nga noh, I was born 1983.

  5. dami talaga pagbabago khit sa malilit na detalye ng kasalukuyan at maging sa hinaharap

  6. pasok pa ko cugino!!1989!=)


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