Friday, December 30, 2011

New Resolutions to Break This Year

  1. I will never hurl bad words such as stupid, idiot, douche-bag, bitch, megalomaniac at highly regarded individuals such Imelda Marcos and family, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and company, actors-turned-politicians, and jejemons.
  2. I will formulate a very convincing reason to push myself to go to the gym, get 6-freak-pack abs, and be a man-whore employee of Abercrombie and Fitch in Milan.
  3. I will never squander my money out of generosity because people are having problems and making bad comments with my good will.
  4. I will not allow my sister to sit in front of my car unless a higher authority tells me to do so.
  7. I would like to go to Amsterdam and see the red light district and Jose Maria Sison.
  8. I will exert herculean efforts to write a book, or at least a short story (pangarap lang dude!).
  9.  I will do my best to produce some results in the organization I’m working for.
  10.  I will break all these resolutions except for number 3, 4, 5, and 9.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Virtue of Greed for Christmas

What's wrong with people? You don't give, they have a problem with that. You give generously,  they still have a problem with that.

I never really flaunt about giving gifts or money to friends and relatives on Christmas day. As much as possible, I keep it as a secret.

Recently, others found out how much I gave to whom. So they started saying," You gave it to the wrong person.", "You should give them (this amount of money) so that others will get some too."

So now we have rigid rules and regulation on how I'm supposed to be generous? Is that it? Should it be dictated by certain norms by other people? 

And then they will teach me to give generously with a smiling heart. 

Now that they have started to act like my personal finance officers and my (scarce) financial resources are causing problems, then LET'S KILL THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.

Hail the virtue of greed for Christmas!

I promise that I'll use my money exclusively for ME, MYSELF AND I, for Christmas parties where I am grossly and grotesquely obliged to act generous.

Bite me!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Blossoming of Jose Midas Marquez

Jose Midas Marquez is perhaps one of the budding politicians/leaders of the Philippines. But is he one of the bading (gay) politicians?

Who is Jose Midas Marquez? He’s currently the Supreme Court Administrator and its spokesman.

Why is he famous?

Well, he used to be known as the cute guy who spoke on behalf of the Supreme Court. You’ll probably recognize his face because he used to go out to the media and say something on behalf of the Chief Justice, whenever it has something to do with the witch-hunt against Arroyo and her midnight appointees or for some other matters.

However, this is only known by politics-junkies.

Few days ago, some of my co-workers started mentioning his name. It was surprising. I thought God has finally opened the dormant skulls of human beings because they are now warped into politics like me! To my disappointment, they are still the same old people I know, humanoids.

Anyway, they were talking about this video…

All of a sudden, Midas is the talk of the town.

So, he’s perhaps a budding politician, but is he a bading politician? Is he really gay?

Here’s a good answer for the shallow-minded squalid dumb douche-bags- HE PLAYS BASKETBALL VERY WELL.

Playing basketball is actually the official Philippine certification of one’s heterosexuality in a bigot pseudo-conservative country of drama queens.

A reasonable proof that he’s straight is that he’s a happily married to a WOMAN and has two children. He admitted that his sex life with his wife is very satisfying. He’s a vagitarian after all.

And I think he’s pretty confident about his sexuality. He could’ve done something, like file charges against perpetuators of the video, or release an official statement, or whatever.

But the deal is, whether he’s gay or not, it doesn’t really matter. Straight guys are no better than gay guys, especially in politics. I mean we have leaders and good-looking senators who have dozens and dozens of children, and sleeps with dozens and dozens of mistresses, wives, and prostitutes, and their whore-monger behaviour is probably licensed by the blessings of the Catholic Church, or whatever church there is in that pseudo-conservative republic.

Isn’t that abominable? Isn’t that pure hypocrisy? I guess, these bastards have gone from hypocrisy to just being despicable.

And as for Midas, I think he’s a good and efficient officer of the court. I believe that he is a man of the law and can probably be the man of justice.

I think we’ve had enough of blabbering hoodlums, idiots, perverts and posers in the legislative chambers, in the executive branch, and in judiciary institutions.

It’s time now to put the right people in the right place, whether they’re gay or not. 

(pictures are from Philippine Star website. Check out this link

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Para kay Sha, Siya, Sya

Iba pala talaga ang Pasko kapag wala kang ka-holding hands o kaakap man lang....

Sana nandito sha/siya/sya...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ang Annual Social Ritual na Tinatawag Natin sa Ngalang Christmas Party

Mapa bangko, eskwela at kahit religious Christian institutions meron neto- Krismas/Christmas Party.

At ang pinaka core ng commercialized pseudo-tradition na ito ay ang Monito-Monita, o ang exchanging of gifts. Yan ang pinaka sagradong kinaugalian na kung saan mahigpit ipinagbabawal ang pagtakas sapagkat nilalabag mo ang obligasyon mo na maging grossly generous sa mga uknown persons at kung saan ikaw ay namimigay ng regalo in stealth mode. Ito na marahil ang nagiisang contemporary idiotic tradition na mas masahol pa sa blind date.

Anyway, kamakailan lang ay nagkaroon ng Christmas party sa trabaho namin. Sa araw na iyon day off ako. I was supposed to be relaxed and have some beauty sleep pero natuliro ako sa paglalamas ng kanin para gawing sushi at sa pag-aalala sa mga erotic games na ipapalaro na naman sa party.

Oo, I call them erotic games. Too much sexual innuendos.

Hindi naman ako sanctimonious. If I really had to play erotic games gusto ko pangdalawahan lang at yung nasa isang private chamber kami. Ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi sasaya ang mga tao kung hindi maglalaro ng mga games na sadya namang magpapataas ng kilay mo at magpapataas ng mga ____ ng kalalakihan. I’m not saying that my co-workers are over-sexed freaks. They are perfectly normal people with perfectly normal sex lives. Pero ang Christmas party ay exception lang talaga.

Sabihin na nila ang gusto nilang sabihin- hypocrite ako, kulang sa sex (in some ways true, hahaha!), walang sex-drive, kill joy, party-pooper, etc. I don’t care! The thought of it tormented me days before the party! And I really get embarassed. And it’s really excruciatingly embarassing!

Buti na lang ako ang ginawang host. I don’t get to play. Enjoy na rin ako habang pinapanood ko ang kanilang mga kabaliwan.

At siyempre may kanya kanya tayong agenda at hinahanap sa party.

Maliban sa mga erotic games, sayawan at kainan...

Hindi mawawala ang perpetual fountain of alcohol, beer, liquor at ang mga nilalang na nabubuhay sa mga substance na ito- mga taong kalahating flesh at kalahating alkohol. Kulang na lang ay magdala na rin sila ng limang drum ng gasolina para iturok naman nila.

Meron diyan na for once a year magpapa-bongga ng outfit kahit epic fail ang fashion taste. Pero di bale na, na carry naman ng personality nila kaya forgiven, but others are still unforgiven.

Meron diyan na makakahanap ng pagkakataon makatabi, makatawanan at makabolahan ang mga secret crush. Ang ilan ay magkakaroon ng pagkakataon makalandian ang mga girls and vice versa. Wala na kasing trabaho na istorbo.

Meron din ang mga mahilig magpa-impress sa mga makakapangyarihan sa trabaho. And I admit, isa rin ako sa kanila. Hahahaha!
Meron din ang mga taong nalilito kung saan lalagay sa pag-ibig kaya sila sasayaw at hahanap ng pansamantalang affection at attention na hindi maiibibigay ng absent na boyfriend. Nandyan naman mga taong papayag na maging temporary-fling-boy-toy just for the fun of it, dahil mismong lovelife niya ay nasa suicidal status na.

Hindi rin mawawala ang mga “It’s Complicated”-people na lalo pang naghahanap ng complication sa buhay. Huwag mo nang itanong kung bakit kasi nga... it’s complicated.

Marami din mga surprises- mga taong hindi mo akalain na hahataw sa dance floor kapag nalasing pero kapag sober naman e super tahimik, mga well-aged na kababaihan na mas malakas pa sayo ang stamina sa pagsayaw at sa kung anu-ano pa, mga kagimbal gimbal na revelations mula sa mga bibig ng mga nalasing, at mga regalo din.

Isa sa pinakamalaking surprises ay yung vice director namin- known for her tenacious focus sa trabaho at ferocious methods ng pagdidisiplina sa mga employee. Leon sa trabaho, pasimuno sa party, at mabuting ate sa labas ng trabaho. The  latter was written in hopes that it will boost favorable impressions about me, hehehe... honestly, nakakabigla ang pagtransform niya pagkalabas ng trabaho. Hindi kaya may multiple personalities din siya? Nabigla lalo ako nang inabutan niya ako ng gift! Nakaka touch naman. Hindi ako mahilig sa damit pero yung shirt na ibinigay niya sakin eh nagustuhan ko na rin ng lubusin. Tunay ‘tong sinasabi ko, promise! Hindi ako sumisipsip!

Siyempre hanap ko diyan e yung tinatawag na quality time. Makapag-bonding naman sa mga katrabaho mo para maging kaibigan mo na rin sila. Mainam gawin yun sa ganitong occasion dahil hindi ka na pepestehin ng trabaho o ng mga boss mo. Kodakan, tawanan, bulungan, kwentuhan. Sayang nga lang at wala ang paborito kong kumare at kumpare. Busy sa parenting eh.

Susuko na sana ako sa party na iyon. Dance, pop music, techno- hindi ko trip talaga ang mga ito. Maya maya na lang eh pinatugtog na nila ito...

Hanep! Tayuan lahat kaming mga jologs! Fist-pumping in the air! Rakrakan na to! Kala mo rave party! Rock music na lahat! I was enjoying myself jumping up and down.

Ang kinalabasan, naging reunion ng mga headbangers. For the first time, hindi ko inisip kung ano ang sasabihin nila o kung lumilitaw ang pagka-jologs ko. Mahirap itago kapag yung mga rock anthems mo ang pinapatugtog at nakikita mo na hindi na ikaw nagiisa sa party na yan! Siyempre pinanood na lang kami nung mga katrabaho namin na Jonas Brothers at Justin Bieber na ang kinamulatan na real music.

Lakas tama! Kami’y nagwawala! It’s the jingle bell rock!

Maligayang Bisperas ng Pasko sa inyong lahat!!!!

The Man Who Hates Men Who Hate Women

That’s not me. I’m not a woman-hater.

There are many kinds of men who hate women.

There’s the misanthropist who hates not only women but any other living human being in this planet. I fall under this category.

There’s the misogynist who were trained like stupid dogs to hate women exclusively.

And then, there are the gay people, the ones who are in perpetual competition with women in grabbing the most luscious men of the town- a reason good enough for some of them to hate women.

Finally there are those creepy sadomasochistic perverts who kill women for fun. Just for the pure pleasure of it.

But this is not about perverts. This is about the man who hates men who hate women- the late Swedish writer Stieg Larsson (1954-2004). His first novel of his Millenium Trilogy, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, is Larsson’s battle cry to protect women from sexual violence.

Stieg Larsson

The novel is a locked-room mystery. Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist and publisher of the Millennium magazine, was hired by the patriarch of the rich and powerful Vanger Family, the industrialist and former CEO of Vanger Corporation, Henrik Vanger to investigate the unsolved case of the murder of his relative Harriet Vanger.

As he was briefed about the situation of the bizarre mystery, he concluded that it was an impossible case. After taking the most logical steps to solve it and proceeded with the most cautious investigative procedures, prodded through all the mountains of files and records from the police and personal notes of Henrik, he couldn’t find new evidence or any other leads, until… the girl with the dragon tattoo enters the scene- Lisbeth Salander- the androgynous super hacker obsessive investigator.

This is the kind of the girl who scrutinizes the lives of other people just for the sheer fun of it. Unknown to Blomkvist, Henrik hired Salander through Milton Security to do a background check on him. And then… blah blah blah blah blah… whatever, just read how the heck these two people met, how they got so sexually involved with each other since they have different tastes in bed, etc.

The thing is, the book leaves you breathless as they look at the mystery and think outside the box. Reading it before sleeping wouldn’t even help because your eyes are forcing the lids to shut down but your mind and whole being keeps asking for more! Until you find yourself reading the book through the wee hours. All of a sudden you realize that you’re already late for work. IT’S A FACT.

You’ll be amazed with the discoveries of Blomkvist and Salander, how they were able to find the missing links, the missing pieces of the puzzle. And as they put them all together, they found out that they were not looking at Harriet’s unsolved case but a string of dirty family secrets and a series of murders. Don’t faint when they find out who’s that bastard of a serial killer.

They’ve actually made two movie adaptations. Gonna go watch it soon.

But enough raving about the novel! What really impressed me the most is that the book is an effort of the author to fight sexual violence against women. According to the most reliable source of information in planet Earth, Wikipedia, “Larsson witnessed the gang rape of a young girl when he was 15. He never forgave himself for failing to help the girl, whose name was Lisbeth- likt the youngmain character of his books, herself a rape victim, which inspired the theme of sexual violence against women in his books.”

Kudos to Larsson!

You see, after reading this book, I kind of had a change of heart. I am notoriously known for making fun of girls and saying sexist jokes about women. I AM NOT A MISOGYNIST! I don’t hate women. And after reading his novel, I just decided that I’m not going to be a sadistic perverted sexist! I am not and I will never be! It’s really disturbing.

And here’s the thing, and I always say this about great movies or great books- the novel was so good that it made me so paranoid and freaked out. I actually checked my younger sister if she was safely travelling on her way back home, or if my mother talked to any suspicious strange individuals. I know that I’m overreacting. I can’t help it! Thank God I got over that after a couple of weeks.

It’s so good it can really mess up your mind. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Dreamers: In Decay and In Glory

Paris is sexy. I honestly think that Paris is the sexiest city in the world. Despite the red district area, the city is simply gloriously beautiful and sexy.

However there’s nothing sexy about incest. I mean just writing the word really makes me nauseated. Gilbert Adair’s book has an incestuous element in it and it just ruined my thoughts of Paris. Yet, his book “The Dreamers” is definitely a lot better than Bertolucci’s movie version.

I had a problem appreciating the book because of the incest thing. It’s really disgusting and it’s really morally disturbing. I’m sorry. I’m not one of those intellectuals who get an orgasmic bliss reading intellectual porn like this.

But if we get rid of the incest part it really is kind of… interesting.

Three young people- drunk with their own youthful passions and dreams, oblivious of what’s happening around them, real fools chasing after ideas and the spirit of their time.

Here comes 19-year-old Matthew who discovers a different face of Paris through his friendship with the audacious and intelligent twins- Théo and Isabelle. Their whole world was the movies, and they revolve around Cinématheque Française. They were living that phase in their life in one of the most intense moments of Paris’s history, 1968.

At the beginning it all seemed any other friendship, but when he was invited to stay at their apartment, the situation changed into a torrid series of erotic games, fascinating adventures to their bodies and their psyche, and the discovery of an island of decadence, away from the perils and deceptive reality.

In decay and in glory, the three remained as one.

It seemed they would live on in such disarray and bliss until one day they heard the voice of the people and felt the spirit of that May 1968. All of a sudden, as if with one snap of a finger, they were freed from a hypnotic spell.

At that moment, they felt the challenge to measure up themselves to the tide of the times. Will they remain dreamers in their made-up fantasy land or will they join the faceless myriad of youth and dreamers who will turn the world upside-down to make their dream real?

The story is crude and powerful as it tries to breakthrough the walls of conventional morals and perspective. Conservatives are advised not to delve into this book. You will faint. I myself had to set aside my religious predisposition in order to comprehend the author’s point of view and finish reading the novel. The ending was touching and sad. Okay, I’ve said too much now!

“The Dreamers” let you experience that surreal bonding of friends in decay and in glory. I still say that the author was simply marvellous in taking any reader to explore the deep recesses of youth’s curiosity and insatiable desire to know, to learn, to experience and to understand, and rekindle the memory of the dreamer in us who, like Matthew, Theo, and Isabelle, once lived our lives in the movies, once explored the tumultuous sea of sex, love, and friendship, and once lived that youthful passion and desire at its most intense moment and at its best.

Significant Figures ep. 06- Christmas Bonanza

Days left before Christmas- 7 days

Number of the only god-parents that I know- 1 couple

Number of my godchildren- approximately 22

Probability that they will receive something from me this Christmas- 0 - 10%

Christmas parties in which you are grotesquely obliged to be generous for the annual ritual of exchanging gifts- 2… It could’ve been worse if I were really sociable and friendly.

Other matters to which one must spend money for the winter holidays- A LOT

Budget for all of these holiday brouhaha bonanza- Well, I wish I could have more.


Friday, December 16, 2011

My Ultimate Indulgence

And speaking of Japan Festival in Florence

As everyone knows I’m a bit stingy. Other would not agree. They call me greedy. Whatever the case is, I simply cannot splurge my money like that. I just want to appear well-to-do. I mean it’s obvious- my vain efforts of dressing up to look obscenely rich so that I’ll be able to cover up my appalling poverty.

Anyway, I kind of set aside my strict adherence to the sacred budget list and allowed myself to appease my petty mundane cravings by buying these CHOPSTICKS! Yes, I feel guilty buying these 3-euro-worth pair of chopsticks.

But not with this one…. THE DEATH NOTE!!!! Hehehe… It’s a copy sample of the Death Note they used in the movie.

‘Wag niyong painitin ngayon ang ulo ko!


Sino sa tingin niyo ang susunod na ilalagay ko dito? Pumili kayo:

  1. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
  2. Andal Ampatuan Jr.
  3. Kris Aquino

Sige! Vote na! Now na! Sino ang susunod na hahatulan ng aking Death Note?!

A Taste of the Kawaii Culture

It’s NIMI- Nippon Meets Italy. The perky, the quirky, the witty, the strange, the weird, the alien, bogaloids, abnormalities- they’re all here. December 16, the first day, and it was just the beginning, the first taste of the kawaii culture, or should I say the coolest thing the Orient can really offer.

It’s a different world inside the Fortezza da Basso. I mean, we’re not just talking about Japan, Mt. Fuji and the Emperor. It’s like a whole different planet concealed within the walls of the Fortezza.

It was my day off and I wanted to go out- something that I rarely do since I sold my soul to this multinational fast-food monster.  As usual, I invited all those humanoid bogaloids which I loosely call “friends”.

It was the first day that the festival was opening to the public. We we’re all set to meet at the Fortezza at 6 pm. Madaling usapan naman. Maraming gusto sumama.

I had to go earlier kasi sasamahan ko pa yung isa kong kaibigan papunta sa Fortezza.

Later on, fate started to play dirty tricks. And this time she was really mean, damn she was so mean! Umulan! As in, it was the cold pungent winter winds and rain. Public transportation employees went on strike NATION-WIDE. And the roads were all choked with traffic jam.

Of I kinds of expected the usual excuses for not coming. Besides, I was sure they’re not interested at all to come to a festival ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE’S NO FREE ENTRANCE. May entrance fee mga neneng at mga totoy.

But I think for somebody who loves Japanese graphic novels, cosplay, quirky and weird Japanese stuff, and samurais, € 6,00 is not a big deal.

Luckily my loyal escort (we're not sexually related) came to see me and a junior member of the gang was there too. Yep, no strike, no traffic, not even a storm can stop us!

We were actually late. Nagsimula na pala ang program kaninang 4 pm.

We missed a lot of the program especially press conference of Aoki Misako. Whoever the girl is, she must be something big to those who are part of this kawaii Japanese sub-culture.

Anyway, we saw a lot of interesting stuff and we went shopping. What else we were supposed to do? Mag-cosplay?

This is Ms. Junior Member a.k.a. Piglet posing in front of the promo cars of the festival

The other promo cars
Mr. Loyal Escort scrutinizing the items at a stand

music albums and soundtracks of famous animes
I can't believe I forgot to buy one of those mugs!
For Naruto fans
For manga-lovers, you can buy lots of graphic novels here and get great deals and low prices
Ralph the Moogle this is for you

So this is Christmas, and let's give swords as gifts to people...
I wanted to buy this for my sister. She can be a real gaysha... i mean... geisha.
kabuki masks?

I love these lunch boxes! Can somebody please buy me one?
and more lunch boxes and mugs! Oo, mahilig talaga ako kumain...
Piglet got her cute cap! Para hindi malamigan ang utak! wehehehe....
I have no idea who's that robot...

That’s only the first day. Hindi na rin kasi namin naabutan yung mga bangag na cosplayers (is that even a word?). Anyway, there’s more to come, especially this coming Sunday. For more info, visit the website

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Miriam-less Senate

The following story is pure fiction.

Miriam Defensor Santiago is now in the Netherlands as one of the judges of the International Criminal Court.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile entered the hall for the plenary session, smiling and walking briskly towards his seat. It was a glorious afternoon for him. Blissful, in fact. He will preside over a session without the woman who almost gave him a heart-attack in a privilege speech. But then he realized, she’s also his god-daughter and they both used to work for The Man, the husband of a Delusional Frustrated-Beauty-Queen Congresswoman. Everything is forgiven.

Before the president arrived, Sen. Joker Arroyo was already present in the hall, sitting quietly and calmly in his chair. But inside him, he is saddened because to lose a member such as Miriam was a great loss, not only for the Senate, but for the whole country. He dreads the moment when the session would start. He wouldn’t be able to bear the boring exchanges of opinions and debates. He felt that the hall was bland and gloomy.

It didn’t help to lighten up his mood when the majority floor leader entered the hall, accompanied by his co-stars, Revilla, Estrada and Lapid. The people in gallery swiftly pulled out their cameras and mobile phones from their bags and pockets. High popularity ratings and high numbers of votes. The same wouldn’t be said for their IQ. Arroyo shook his head gently and whispered, “Send in the clowns.” Well, if it wasn’t for them, people wouldn’t even bother watching the session. For the first time in history, Philippine politics became a showbiz-like entertainment show.

The Senate Star Dudes greeted the good senator Arroyo and the senate president as they went towards a corner of the hall, opposite Arroyo. Huddled as they laughed together, every now and then they would give a gracious glance at the crowd making brief eye-contacts with their female fans and some gay hopefuls as well.

As for the other members of the body, it’s always the same old story. Business as usual. In particular, those whose names are already established in their hometowns; those who names keep on appearing on the membership list for at least five decades.

They are not anymore bothered or threatened by Senate Bill 2649. Their families’ names in the Senate would live on for the next one hundred years. Lacson wouldn’t even think of filing another bill like the one he filed in 2007. They thought that his family might want to join this political orgy. And besides, almost everyone in the Senate is from a political dynasty, even the junior members.

They entered the hall one by one, with blank faces and minds filled with ideas, concepts, laws and projects that they plan to do. There’s no stopping them now. No more snooty old lady who would scrutinize their actions and bills.

Others, on the other hand, have no plans to pursue the bill filed by Miriam. It was time for them to start their own dynasty.

Villar was on his mobile phone in a contemplative and pious expression. From afar, one can make out the words “Miriam” and “thank you”. The fact is, he was talking to the woman who helped him during the 2010 elections and supported him by planning out strategies to defend him from false accusations of a delirious jealous woman in the name of Jamby Madrigal.

Arroyo’s mood brightened a little when he saw the fresh faces of the Cayetano siblings, Trillanes and Escudero. Youngbloods but definitely not incapable. In fact, they are very much qualified to their position unlike some other members of the legislative chamber. They may be part of a trapo culture and political dynasties but they are not thoroughly tainted by the hypocrisy of Philippine politics. There is still hope in a post-Miriam senate, he thought.

Pia Cayetano met Joker Arroyo’s sad eyes. Both paused for a moment. They seemed to understand each others’ feelings of loss and longing for the feisty Santiago. Pia gave a melancholic smile to her colleague and proceeded to her seat.

Pia, who was well prepared to defend the RH bill in that day’s session, pulled out all her notes and documents from her briefcase and placed them on her table. Then she pulled out a piece of paper from a notebook. It contained pointers from Miriam for the RH Bill debates. Dearest Pia. So informal, yet so insightful. She suddenly missed those hours of work and bonding between her and Santiago. In her fight to improve the lives of women in a macho and phallus-centered republic, Miriam was essential, unlike her other female colleague Loren Legarda, who was currently chatting with Drilon about some other matter.

The hall was gradually filled by reporters, journalist, private citizens, lobbyists, and finally the senators.

Arroyo looked around him. The whole scene looked absurd and chaotic despite the composed and formal appearance of everyone. The senate is now different. It was quite hard to say if it was better or worse than before.

“This session is now called to order.”, announced the senate president when he saw that everyone was already present. He banged the gavel. The show must go on. The Philippine Senate, with few geniuses and a myriad of one-celled amoebae, must go on.

Monday, December 12, 2011

AZ Book Challenge 2012- revised version

I wasn't able to get Lualhati Bautista's Desaparesidos, that's why I changed it. Here's the revised list.....

A-   Auster, Paul- Oracle Night
B-  Barnes, Julian- The Sense of an Ending
C-    Cornwell, Patricia- Post Mortem
D-   Dennis, Patrick- Auntie Mame
E-    Eugenides, Jeffrey- The Middlesex
F-    Follett, Ken- The Pillars of the Earth
G-   Grisham, John- The Last Juror
H-   Hagedorn, Jessica- Dream Jungle
I-     Isherwood, Christopher- A Single Man
J-     Jin, Ha- In the Pond
K-   Kelman, Stephen- Pigeon English
L-    Lewis, C.S.- The Screwtape Letters
M- Murakami, Haruki- South of the Border, West of the Sun
N-   Nin, Anais- Henry and June
O-   Okakura, Kakuzo- The Book of Tea
P-    Patchett, Ann- Bel Canto
Q-   Quinn, Jay- The Beloved Son
R-   Roy, Arundhati- The God of Small Things
S-    Simoni, Marcello- Il Mercante dei Libri Maledetti
T-   Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Hobbit
U-   Updike, John- The Centaur
V-   Vonnegut, Kurt- The Cat’s Cradle
W- Waugh, Evelyn- The Brideshead Revisited
X-   Xiaolong, Qiu- Death of a Red Heroine
Y-   Yates, Alexander- Moondogs
Z-    Zola, Emile- The Belly of Paris