Monday, December 26, 2011

The Blossoming of Jose Midas Marquez

Jose Midas Marquez is perhaps one of the budding politicians/leaders of the Philippines. But is he one of the bading (gay) politicians?

Who is Jose Midas Marquez? He’s currently the Supreme Court Administrator and its spokesman.

Why is he famous?

Well, he used to be known as the cute guy who spoke on behalf of the Supreme Court. You’ll probably recognize his face because he used to go out to the media and say something on behalf of the Chief Justice, whenever it has something to do with the witch-hunt against Arroyo and her midnight appointees or for some other matters.

However, this is only known by politics-junkies.

Few days ago, some of my co-workers started mentioning his name. It was surprising. I thought God has finally opened the dormant skulls of human beings because they are now warped into politics like me! To my disappointment, they are still the same old people I know, humanoids.

Anyway, they were talking about this video…

All of a sudden, Midas is the talk of the town.

So, he’s perhaps a budding politician, but is he a bading politician? Is he really gay?

Here’s a good answer for the shallow-minded squalid dumb douche-bags- HE PLAYS BASKETBALL VERY WELL.

Playing basketball is actually the official Philippine certification of one’s heterosexuality in a bigot pseudo-conservative country of drama queens.

A reasonable proof that he’s straight is that he’s a happily married to a WOMAN and has two children. He admitted that his sex life with his wife is very satisfying. He’s a vagitarian after all.

And I think he’s pretty confident about his sexuality. He could’ve done something, like file charges against perpetuators of the video, or release an official statement, or whatever.

But the deal is, whether he’s gay or not, it doesn’t really matter. Straight guys are no better than gay guys, especially in politics. I mean we have leaders and good-looking senators who have dozens and dozens of children, and sleeps with dozens and dozens of mistresses, wives, and prostitutes, and their whore-monger behaviour is probably licensed by the blessings of the Catholic Church, or whatever church there is in that pseudo-conservative republic.

Isn’t that abominable? Isn’t that pure hypocrisy? I guess, these bastards have gone from hypocrisy to just being despicable.

And as for Midas, I think he’s a good and efficient officer of the court. I believe that he is a man of the law and can probably be the man of justice.

I think we’ve had enough of blabbering hoodlums, idiots, perverts and posers in the legislative chambers, in the executive branch, and in judiciary institutions.

It’s time now to put the right people in the right place, whether they’re gay or not. 

(pictures are from Philippine Star website. Check out this link


  1. Dude, I know a lot of guys at the Ateneo who played sport (football, basketball, etc.) but like men, or have had sex with men. Don't fool yourself with stereotypes. A gay man can, act, speak, and think like a man, but can still like men.


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