Friday, December 16, 2011

A Taste of the Kawaii Culture

It’s NIMI- Nippon Meets Italy. The perky, the quirky, the witty, the strange, the weird, the alien, bogaloids, abnormalities- they’re all here. December 16, the first day, and it was just the beginning, the first taste of the kawaii culture, or should I say the coolest thing the Orient can really offer.

It’s a different world inside the Fortezza da Basso. I mean, we’re not just talking about Japan, Mt. Fuji and the Emperor. It’s like a whole different planet concealed within the walls of the Fortezza.

It was my day off and I wanted to go out- something that I rarely do since I sold my soul to this multinational fast-food monster.  As usual, I invited all those humanoid bogaloids which I loosely call “friends”.

It was the first day that the festival was opening to the public. We we’re all set to meet at the Fortezza at 6 pm. Madaling usapan naman. Maraming gusto sumama.

I had to go earlier kasi sasamahan ko pa yung isa kong kaibigan papunta sa Fortezza.

Later on, fate started to play dirty tricks. And this time she was really mean, damn she was so mean! Umulan! As in, it was the cold pungent winter winds and rain. Public transportation employees went on strike NATION-WIDE. And the roads were all choked with traffic jam.

Of I kinds of expected the usual excuses for not coming. Besides, I was sure they’re not interested at all to come to a festival ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE’S NO FREE ENTRANCE. May entrance fee mga neneng at mga totoy.

But I think for somebody who loves Japanese graphic novels, cosplay, quirky and weird Japanese stuff, and samurais, € 6,00 is not a big deal.

Luckily my loyal escort (we're not sexually related) came to see me and a junior member of the gang was there too. Yep, no strike, no traffic, not even a storm can stop us!

We were actually late. Nagsimula na pala ang program kaninang 4 pm.

We missed a lot of the program especially press conference of Aoki Misako. Whoever the girl is, she must be something big to those who are part of this kawaii Japanese sub-culture.

Anyway, we saw a lot of interesting stuff and we went shopping. What else we were supposed to do? Mag-cosplay?

This is Ms. Junior Member a.k.a. Piglet posing in front of the promo cars of the festival

The other promo cars
Mr. Loyal Escort scrutinizing the items at a stand

music albums and soundtracks of famous animes
I can't believe I forgot to buy one of those mugs!
For Naruto fans
For manga-lovers, you can buy lots of graphic novels here and get great deals and low prices
Ralph the Moogle this is for you

So this is Christmas, and let's give swords as gifts to people...
I wanted to buy this for my sister. She can be a real gaysha... i mean... geisha.
kabuki masks?

I love these lunch boxes! Can somebody please buy me one?
and more lunch boxes and mugs! Oo, mahilig talaga ako kumain...
Piglet got her cute cap! Para hindi malamigan ang utak! wehehehe....
I have no idea who's that robot...

That’s only the first day. Hindi na rin kasi namin naabutan yung mga bangag na cosplayers (is that even a word?). Anyway, there’s more to come, especially this coming Sunday. For more info, visit the website


  1. Gosh! My kids would have love that! My 13 is a cosplayer-wannnabe and my three daughter's love kawaii items, by any case will they be having one in Milan, my niece love those items up shot! Dying to have that pink Kimono!

  2. It's actually an annual event here in Florence. I'm not sure if the same cultural group do this in Milan. But I'm pretty sure there are events like this one over there since it is a bigger city and it has actually more stuff to offer.


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