Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Thin Line Between a Lover and a Friend

Now play the song for "special effects"...

Guy and girl as best friends, that’s so Dawson’s Creek. It’s like one time I was talking to a friend of mine about her and her guy best friend, and I can actually hear Paula Cole singing in my head, “I don’t wanna wait…”. Damn it! That’s so Dawson’s Creek, and you know how I hate that sugar coated drama and dreamy eyed actors with dripping romantic-cheesiness punchlines. God I hate it!

So I asked her, are you really sure about this? I mean, come on, maybe you’re just attracted to this guy. And she said no, she doesn’t really feel anything at all, just plain friendship.

Well, perhaps I was really being too judgemental. I’m jumping too early to conclusions. You know us humans, we are so creative in thinking that when we see a guy and a girl so in tuned with each other, we think of something else but it turned out to be different. Right? Hmmmm…. Let me go over that statement again….

I’m not saying that it should be totally banned, but the thing is, it could get so frustrating and so complicated. Even worse, it could even ruin other people’s lives and even their own.

Case scenario #1

Guy X is girl X’s boyfriend and guy X is also girl Y’s bestfriend. Girl X becomes irritated and insecure because guy X confides more with girl Y.

Possible ending of this Dawson’s-Creek-like episode:

  1. Girl X kills girl Y savagely, cut her into pieces and throws them in different parts of the town. Girl X forces guy X to marry her and they lived happily ever after.

  1.  Girl X goes to guy X’s house to confront him about girl Y and breaks up with him. Girl X runs out of the house under the rain crying. Guy X would feel sorry and goes out into the rain (gosh, this is becoming so Dawson’s Creek) and says sorry to girl X. Guy X forgets about girl Y, and girl Y commits suicide.

  1. Girl X jumps out of the building. The following day her ghost will haunt guy X and girl Y to death.

  1. For other possible ending, just watch Dawson’s Creek. I think I’m starting to hear Paula Cole again…..

Case scenario #2

Guy X is girl Y’s bestfriend. Both are single.

Possible ending:

  1. On and off relationship because they don’t know what they are to each other.

  1. They fell for each other but they can’t tell their feelings to each other because “it will ruin their friendship” (I mean what the heck?  Sino ba naman ang nagpauso ng mga ganito?)
  2. Tumanda na silang mag best friend at parehong hindi na nag-asawa because both of them were super torpe.

  1. You know, you really can’t say how it will end. Nobody was able to explain to me how Dawson and Joey ended up. Duh!

So is it possible for a guy and a girl to be best friends? Yes, unless the guy is gay or the girl is a total lesbian. Then a close relationship between opposite sex is definitely possible.

I mean, really, men are from mars and women are totally from another dimension, they’re not even from our own galaxy, how do you expect a guy to understand a girl’s desperate need for bags and shoes and shopping and their out-of-this-world mental processes? Only if they were true lovers, but best friends, I don’t think so. Maybe in denial.

But anyway, enough of these things. I’ve had too much for today I can actually see Paula Cole singing in front of me….. Du du du du du…. I don’t wanna wait…. Just stop it will ya!

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