Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Virtue of Greed for Christmas

What's wrong with people? You don't give, they have a problem with that. You give generously,  they still have a problem with that.

I never really flaunt about giving gifts or money to friends and relatives on Christmas day. As much as possible, I keep it as a secret.

Recently, others found out how much I gave to whom. So they started saying," You gave it to the wrong person.", "You should give them (this amount of money) so that others will get some too."

So now we have rigid rules and regulation on how I'm supposed to be generous? Is that it? Should it be dictated by certain norms by other people? 

And then they will teach me to give generously with a smiling heart. 

Now that they have started to act like my personal finance officers and my (scarce) financial resources are causing problems, then LET'S KILL THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.

Hail the virtue of greed for Christmas!

I promise that I'll use my money exclusively for ME, MYSELF AND I, for Christmas parties where I am grossly and grotesquely obliged to act generous.

Bite me!

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