Friday, January 13, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines part 2- The Meat Market

Here’s another reason to send out to the world why it’s more fun in the Philippines than any other Asian country- we have smart and educated whores. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a meat market of young bloods, barely 18, some are willing minors. Open for business, catering for men, women, gay, lesbians, young and old.

Kakabasa ko lang ng isang article ng Philippine Daily Inquirer about students in the morning pero sex workers sa gabi.

Although it should be noted that the Aquino government boosted up the budget for education and should be praised, the sky-rocketing tuition fee and its relentless soaring upwards has pushed many young people to sell their bodies. Kahit mga UP students, bumigay na rin. You really can’t blame them.

If they really want to finish their studies, then they have to sell their bodies.

Isipin mo nga naman- working would mean lesser time for study, while in the sex market- you would only have to spend a total of two or three hours, and you earn more money.  After that, you can get back to your studies. Kung mag sideline ka nga naman, halimbawa, sa isang fast-food chain, hindi ka lang exploited, under-paid ka pa!

Desperate times need desperate measures sabi nga nila. And most of them are desperate.

I know how it feels to be a working student. Mahirap kumita ng pang tuition, and at the same time, it’s really hard to keep up with your studies especially if you’re aspiring to get high scores and pass the exams.  Unlike them, I can’t sell my body. Wala pang value ang katawan ko. Harharharhar!

Easy money nga naman ang prostitution. Hindi lang pang tuition ang makukuha nila. Others earned enough money for their parents and enough money to buy themselves some trivial vain pursuits like mobile phones and trendy clothes. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a generous patron who might also marry you or keep you as a mistress/cicisbeo.

Although prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and sex tours are not encouraged or allowed in our country, people tolerate it as if it is the most normal thing around. And I’m not even sure how much effort is being exerted by government officials and politicians to curb and deter this crime. Perhaps it’s the other way around.

And if that’s tolerated, then I guess the sex industry would be the most profitable choice for our struggling youth.

So here’s the perverse equation of reality-

High tuition + no jobs or low paying jobs = desperate youth

Desperate youth + tolerated sex industry + shameful government and politicians = IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

And yes, imagine this- It’s more fun in the Philippines. You get Thai lady-boys, geisha-kuno dancers, but in the Philippines, smart sexy girls would go down on you. Scholars would dance on your lap. Cute college boys would give you the best night of your life in the hottest archipelago of the globe! Yeeaaah meeeen! Welcome to the meat market!

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