Monday, January 23, 2012

Martians and Venusians and Random Chuvaness

It is true that men and women inhabit the same planet, but both are simply aliens from different galaxies.

People have been trying to reconcile the two creatures but no matter what they do, the political correctness, of putting men and women together not only as equals but also as similar species, is simply impossible.

MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT. PERIOD. Well at least in certain areas of personality.

  1. Guys are emotionally stable. Whatever happens around them, they’re just there. Impassive. Except in the presence of a bed and a girl, that’s the only moment when they get excited. Girls on the other hand can be happy/worried, anxious/happy, bubbly/excited, repentant/vindictive, etc. Their moods can be as diverse and complicated and can be blended together like cocktail mixes.

  1. Girls can be sympathetic and altruistic towards others, while men can be completely indifferent.

  1. Guys are quite possessive and aggressively competitive. Although some women can be like that too. But in the business world and politics, men will crush their enemies no matter what their sex is just to establish their dominion.

  1. According to an article I read, women can be energetic, enthusiasm and spontaneous. In some ways, a party without the girls can really be boring.

  1. Men usually depend on their conscience and rational thinking, that is, if there are still guys who use their gray matter instead of their penis. Women on the other hand are more intuitive and are very attentive to the sentiments of others, and if they used these with their heads also, there would be lesser numbers of girls outsmarted by dickheads.

  1. Girls go in groups because they are naturally sociable. Guys go in groups because they like imitating a pack of wolves. And they’re born that way.

  1. Girls, for some unknown cosmic reason, are very much inclined to be perpetually worried and constantly feel guilty. Men are not like that. That explains the great number of male tyrants and ruthless blood-thirsty dictators. However there are a number of exceptions in the girls’ case- Imelda Marcos and Gloria Arroyo (may they rest in peace soon!).

  1. Guys can have special relationships with their hand and their cars. Girls establish a special bond with shoes.

I can really go on with the list. Many fear that emphasizing differences have serious social repercussions. Again, it’s not really about the gender issue, the battle of the sexes, alien vs. predator thing. Whether we like it or not, we are different. But we have to protect our civil rights, observe our civil duties, and be educated of our privileges. And after that what we need to do is kick out the stupid, the ignorant, and the idiots, then this world would be a better place! 

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  1. I was going to react negatively to this, "Men usually depend on their conscience and rational thinking," then you added "that is, if there are still guys who use their gray matter instead of their penis." now that so true, hahaha.
    And number 8 is so ridiculously true as well.
    good observation, I am so impressed.
    We are born unique in every way, whether you're from Mars or from Venus, I believe...


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