Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Wang!

Do not be shocked if I'm posting something about fashion. No, I'm not turning into a fashion blogger. I wasn't born to be a fashionista. But I do know some stuff about fashion.

Like for example famous designer Vera Wang.
When I saw the photo and the article said that she's 62. 62! With that body?! That's Vera Wang now?!

At first I thought this is some kind of trick. Photoshop!

I checked out other photos of her, and it turns out that she's really.... skinny. Well, what do you expect? She's a fashion guru... she has to be anorexic. 

Here's a photo of her with Kim Kardashian. Beside Vera, Kim kinda look fat. hahahaha!


  1. Nbabasa ko nga pangalan Nya, cguro ang hot Nya when she was younger

  2. hindi ko akalain na ganyan itsura nya!!! she looksyounger than her age!


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