Thursday, February 09, 2012

Kapeng Arabo: Coffee from OFWs, for OFW's, and by OFW's

Kapeng Arabo has that Bob-Ong-esque flavour and it will definitely reinvigorate your mind. It is about the bittersweet blend of the life of an OFW in an opulent sexually-repressed absurd North-Korea-like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sino ba talaga ang nakakaunawa sa buhay ng mga OFW’s kundi ang kapwa rin niya, di ba? Minsan kasi akala nila mga nagtatae na tayo sa pera, pero kahit pa man ganun, hindi nila alam kung gaano kahaba na ang ilog ng ating luha at pawis. Exposed minsan tayo sa harassment, ang dignidad natin ay minsan nayuyurakan hindi lang ng mga employer, minsan kahit kapwa naming OFW’s (nako, may kwento ako diyan! Wehehehe…).  

Manny Garcia, author of the book, gave an account of what’s life like in Saudi Arabia- their drama, the quirky lifestyle of Pinoys, the cultural and social perspective, sex and relationships, friendships, and their dreams.

The author, Manny Garcia

Simple, appealing at suabe ang style niya. While some chapters offer very amusing stories and funny incidents, the book’s not simply written for entertainment or to make people laugh.

Garcia is a man with a particular perspective in life. His life experiences allowed him to think outside the box of general culture and society, and dissect concepts and viewpoints in a very sensible manner.

At siyempre, para sa mga political animals tulad ko, he dedicated a chapter about absentee-voting, an issue that is very dear to me, and very close to the hearts of fellow OFW’s. It’s really a big deal for many of us. Well, not really. At least to some of us Filipinos here in Tuscany who worked hard to encourage people to exercise their right and do one of the least duties to the country. His politics really intrigued me.

More than that, the author has that progressive spirit which he encapsulated among the pages of his work. He envisions the possibility of OFW’s to have a real and tangible influence and effect in building the nation. He admonishes readers and fellow OFW’s to set our hearts in returning to the Motherland and have an entrepreneurial objective. His concept is very inspiring, and very ambitious. It’s not easy in practical terms but Manny Garcia got it right, because he applied his belief in his own life.

Entertaining, inspiring, and, like any caffeine fix, it really boosts up your spirit.

A re-fill wouldn’t be optional. You’ll want another cup.

And speaking of re-fill, I’m not sure if he’s still working on the second book, or probably he’s already published it. Maybe I should send him an email.

Special thanks to Alvin, for giving me this book as a gift. Yung regalo ko sayo next time na lang, hehehehe….


  1. mr. tripster, thank you and your entry is inspiring.

    you should know that i'm almost done with all the stories i intend to include in book two. yet, i'm still in search of a solid story line where to anchor those stories.

    kudos on your blog, and more power!


  2. It is sucha great honour to have my blog visited by one of my literary idols! Salamat po sa pagbisita!


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