Friday, February 24, 2012

Significant Figures ep. 08- Paying the Price of Beauty

Monthly membership fee sa gym- 85,00 euros

Investment sa mga “gym stuff” (shoes, towels, gadgets, etc.)- almost 120,00 euros

Duration of my membership sa gym- 365 days = 1 year

How many times do I intend to go to gym- at least 3 times a week

Number of people who believes in me that I can make it- 2

Number of people who laughs at me because they don’t believe me- EVERYONE ELSE

Days left before I officially start- 5 days (I can’t believe it, 5 days na lang talaga?!)

Level of excitement- 100%

Level of inexplicable anxiety- 100%

Level of stress whenever I go over my budget for my gym, debts and other stuff- 100%

Hindi lang kasi taba ang nawawala, pati datung nababawasan din. Hehehe…

But then, no pain, no gain. Pain is temporary, glory is forever! Health is still priceless!


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