Thursday, March 29, 2012

The 10th Florence Korea Film Festival

It started as a special interest. It developed into one of my passions. And now, I come to the festival as if it were Holy Week. It’s like a religion.

The Florence Korea Film Festival is now celebrating 10 years of excellence in cinematography, conquering not only Florence but also the world with K-pop music, cute pop/techno music artists, and also with their best masterpieces of the silver screen.

In the past editions of the festival, they have feature screenwriters and famous movie directors. This year they have a very special guest. Il Divo of Korea and one of the contemporary Legends of Asian Cinema, and one of the Korean actors I highly esteem, or maybe the only one, Song Kang-Ho.

Unfortunately, this year there aren’t many movies that appealed to me. And for some cosmological reason, certain events and activities (and I loathe it) will be in conflict with my festival schedule. I’ll be missing some of the good parts of the festival.

 But anyway, I’ll be featuring the movies I watched and the ones that I really liked.


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