Thursday, March 29, 2012

200 Pounds Beauty: A Big Fat Treat for the Most Beautiful People in the World- US FAT PEOPLE

This is the first film I saw in the 10th Florence Korea Film Fest. I felt so much affection for the movie, maybe because, just like Han-na, the lead role, we’re both fat and we’re both trying to lose weight to be able to please our loved ones.

But this is comedy, and not a tragedy. I just wonder why is it that people get good laughs watching fat people. Bastards! But I did love the movie and had good laughs.

Han-na (Kim Ah-jung) is a big fat monolithic of a girl who works as a phone-sex operator and a vocalist for a tone-deaf pop music artist. She’s in love with the pop music artist’s manager Sang-jun (Ju Jin-mo). The latter is very kind and thoughtful to her as a friend, but Han-na wants to be more than his friend. After a series of humiliating incidents, she decided to undergo plastic surgery, not for the sake of beauty but for the sake of love and to boost her self-confidence.

Indeed, people would do everything just to be part of someone else’s obsession and dream. I know, because I do it too. Pathetic as it may seem, but a person in love would do anything just to get a certain degree of the beloved’s attention and consideration.

I always dream of that moment, like when Han-na returns and nobody, not even her best friend, was able to recognize her. People appreciate her more and they are always considerate towards the beautiful Han-na. But this time, she pretended to be somebody else, as Jenny, a Korean-American from California.

But as time went by and things went out of hand until everybody found out her real identity. Will her relationship with Sang-jun have a happy ending? You find out. I’m not gonna spoil this here.

The movie is really funny, especially Han-na’s personality. Any fat person would be able to identify himself/herself with the character’s dilemma and experiences.

The movie makes you realize that although beauty may seem to be everything, and that plastic surgery may solve all your shitty problems in life, inner beauty should not be exclusively relevant, and that you must save enough money to get surgery.

Or else… go to the gym for chrissakes!

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  1. kaiyak yung scene na dinedeny ni han-na yung father nya na medyo may tulendoy....



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