Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pain: Love is Sick and Beautiful

What happens when a guy with congenital analgesia meet a haemophiliac girl? Love sparks and it ends really bad and very painful.

Here’s one of the many tear-jerkers in the festival. Yes, it’s a comedy-romance-tragic-love story, and although it is in Korean style, it is not the usual sugar-coated-reeking-of-cheesiness-with-innocent-immaculate-cute-girls-and-doe-eyed-guys-who-are-occasionally-half-naked-to-drive-girls-all-crazy-that-they-unconsciously-grab-movie-tickets-and-scream-inside-the-theatres-for-no-reason-at-all movie. Or perhaps it is. Anyway.

Nam-Soon (Kwong Sang-Woo) is a money collector for loan sharks. Their method of collecting payments is he gets brutally hurt by his colleague to shock debtors. Eventually, the latter pays. Although he gets badly bruised, he never feels anything at all. He has congenital analgesia. What’s congenital analgesia? Google it freak! How did he get the illness? Like, hell do I care?

 I don’t know what’s with scriptwriters that Destiny is always conveyed as an evil b*tch who always pairs up two star-crossed lovers, or two exactly opposite persons, or anything unlikely to happen in real life.

The thing is, this analgesic humanoid Nam-Soon happens to meet haemophiliac Dong-Hyun (Jung Ryeo-Won) who also owes money to the agency he worked for. So there goes Destiny playing another dirty trick by pairing up two people- both at the edge of existence, sick for some reason, loveless, poor without any real job, and orphans. Really now. They’re both sick and they really had to be orphans! No wonder the movie is a real tear-jerker.

But despite my rants, the storyline is nice and the way their love developed in time. You might say it’s cute. Well, considering the fact that the characters and their lives are the type which most girls dream of.

What do I mean? You know how girls have this Messiah-complex and they have this tender longing for tough quiet guys. Surely Nam-Soon would make many girls with Messiah-complex fall in love with him- he’s an orphan, sick, tough guy, and needs to learn things about love and affection. And as for Dong-Hyun, well, many of them would identify themselves with this clumsy, cutesy, tough and at the same time very affectionate and warm girl.

I got lost again in my line of thought. But anyway, here’s the trailer to tell some parts of the movie.

But really, the movie is nice and the story is captivating, especially the love between them. These are the words of him who is not always fond of love stories, and yes, my love life’s been quite a disaster (wala daw ako puso, not true!). Hehehe….

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