Thursday, March 15, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #1- Sights, Sounds, and... the Smell

Weight: 82 kg

I’m not the sporty type of person who loves all kinds of physical activities. But ever since I became a gym member, things are slowly changing, for the better.

I must say that I’m having some good time at the gym. Never thought that I’d say this in my entire life. I’m supposed to rant again with my problems with money and stuff. Strange enough, I’m not quite bothered by it, at least emotionally. Is it because of the so-called endorphins produced by exercises? Maybe.

The experience is always satisfying, especially after you burned lots of fats and calories using state-of-the-art machines which I fondly call fat destroyers. There are nice instructors left and right whom I fondly call fat annihilators. It’s good to produce buckets and buckets of sweat along with other people who are determined the kill the slob creature in them. You suddenly feel you belong to this community inside the temple of the hedonistic pursuit of beauty and wellness.

However, I’m still ignorant of specific workout routines, the use of other monstrous machines, and many others. There are not enough trainers for all the members of this gym. So I have to wait until next week for them to assign me a personal trainer.

In the meantime, I’ll just do the basic stuff, join other activities and many others.

The scenes are quite enticing, if you are situated in places with panoramic views of aesthetic human physical wonders.

But the experience is not always pleasant. There’s this… smell. Human odour is utterly horrendous. I’ve been trying all my life to eliminate them. But in a place like this, you simply can’t complain and it’s inevitable. The good thing about this gym is that it has an efficient system of ventilation. However, the smell is still there. That gym odour. They said that compared to other fitness centres, this one really smells better.

So here’s an advice to all beginners- bring towels, water, and AN AIR FRESHENER.

You won’t get bored while running on a treadmill because they’ve got touch-screens where you can watch the news, music videos, other TV programs, computer games, or listen to music. They always play rock music and I love it.

Time to hit the showers. Now here’s a sight to comment on. My she-friend remarked that flowers were scattered all over the place in their locker room. Some are fragrant and some are repugnant. Repugnant because she claimed that there are ladies who, after working out and sweating, wouldn’t wash themselves or take a shower, but would go straight to their lockers and change clothes, and leave the place, bringing with them the remnants of whatever happened in the gym.

On my part you’ll see everything’s dangling- shining, bushy, flaccid. Flaccid of course, because there’s nothing to kindle the masculine desires if one is amidst his own species. It would be such a surprise to catch somebody in an Angry-Birds mode. It would result to most males freaking out and some males grabbing it. But this is just an imaginary scenario to explain what is it like inside. Everything dangling. It’s quite embarrassing because I’m of the opinion that anything private must always be kept private- whether your apparatus is horse-like or mushroom-like, it must be kept private. But what can I do? This is what people do in this planet. So here I am… dangling and partly hidden. Conservative eh. Hahahaha!


  1. Hahaha, repugnant ladies in the shower, I've heard that Europeans do not shower often, i guess specially on cold wintery days.
    Hope you get the look you're after on you bod. Frankly, women are drawn to men who are voluptuously pretty, hmm...six-pack and all.

  2. So you're really very serious on health and fitness ha. Atleast it will reward you a good health and a nice bod. Hmmp.. When I read your post about enrolling to a gym. I got inspired. A week after that I decided to start my own fitness project too. I calculated my own bmr. I started researching about calories and diet. At first i was very enthusiastic about the idea, but after 2 hours of analyzing my calorie intake, I just lost all of my hopes.

    Maybe this summer I'll concentrate more on my calories and diets. As for you, good luck!!! :)

  3.! i could only imagine!lol

    and ok yan,be fit and be healthy


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