Saturday, April 07, 2012

Close Encounter with Il Divo Himself- Song Kang-Ho

I know that this is a very late post, but anyway, this is for all Korean cinema lovers out there.

In the 10th Florence Korea Film Festival, after having the chance to meet the most illustrious movie directors of South Korea, for the first time, the Florence Korea Film Fest featured one of the most talented and famous actors in Asia, Song Kang-Ho.

Such a cool and humorous guy.

Song Kang-ho together with the staff of the Florence Korea Film Festival

This year’s edition of the festival featured some of the box-office hit movies of the actor and K-comedy films as well.

The cultural association Taegukgi- Toscana Korea Association gave the Life Time Achievement Award to Song Kang-Ho for his award-winning and exceptional talent (and not the cute-face dreamy-eye special effects of other over-rated actors) and his great contribution to the Festival and the Korean Cinema.
Actor Song Kang-ho receiving the award given to him by Riccardo Gelli, director of the Festival

I think Song Kang-Ho is the usual celebrity who would walk the red carpets of other famous film festivals in Italy, such as that of Rome International Film Festival and Venice Film Fest. Ours is still in its humble beginnings.

Fortunately, he’s not the usual snobbish celebrity flash-and-mob-monger.

Congratulations to Mr. Song Kang-Ho and may you make many more movies and achieve greater success in the future!

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