Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mental Regla

Dito ko na lang pala sasabihin. Hindi ko na kasi kayang pigilan eh. A reply to the comment of a certain terrone who said the Florentines are ugly. Ito ay para sa mga kaibigan ko.

They will rue the day when they directed such appalling statement to the most beautiful people on earth. It simply proves that he's a dim-witted anomalous fungus-faced insignificant anonymous insect. Because of my religious predisposition, i refrained from crushing him with lexical vehemence. 

But they will regret the day they hurled such insult. They just hit a very sensitive nerve. Nobody should mess up with the Florentine youth in terms of beauty. 

The day will come when they will see me... ok fine, and all of you.... in our splendour, and they will salivate and cry out for us to lavish them with attention, and with the most treacherous eyes, i will look down on them as they fall in unexplainable infatuations and agonizing despair. They will definitely regret it.

Boys and girls, remember this- HINDI KAYO PANGIT. Stay fit, develop a healthy eating habit, study harder to be smart kasi wala talagang utak yung mga yon, and develop a good personality and be good Christians. Kasi yung mga yon, pangit na nga sa hitsura, pangit na sa pagkatao, at pangit pa rin sa budhi.


NOTE: I'm having my usual mental regla.


Sige, sakayan niyo ang trip ko....