Saturday, April 07, 2012

Poongsan: Where love makes the impossible, idiotically possible

When love gets you and your lover, not even bullets or governments will be able to separate you from each other. Only death will set you apart from each other.

If you wanna know more about the story, then go to the most reliable source of information of  planet Earth, Wikipedia. Here’s the link:

I really don’t feel like writing plot of love stories. They are sometimes predictable, or stupid, or unrealistic, or all three of them (which make love stories so true).

But anyway, the actor, Yoon Kye-sang, did a superb acting- he just stared at his co-actors, grunts if he mean yes or no, moans if he’s in pleasure or in heat, and shouts when he’s freaked out. No, not one word was emitted by the actor. Excellent also acting by Kim Gyu-ri, though somewhat eclipsed by the absurdity of Yoon Kye-sang’s role.

And yes, it’s very tragic. Not so cheesy, but really sad. Tragic.

And as usual, the lead guy is the semi-immortal protagonist who jumps electrified fences, dodges bullets, tortured to death but lived, hit by bullets and lost gallons of blood but can still run thousands of miles. The impossible guy. Such a classic.

The only reason why I watched this is because of the North/South Korea love/hate diplomatic relationship. I expected too much.

But here’s something really interesting about the movie. It took 25 takes in 30 days.

The movie was directed by Juhn Jai-hong. He was supposed to present the movie during the festival but had to cancel his appearance at the festival due to his other movie project he’s currently working on. But then I wasn’t really interested that much with the film. I was much more interested with him, since he is said to be the protégé of internationally renowned Korean film-maker Kim Ki-duk.

Here’s a trailer to get a glimpse of what to expect…

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