Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Quiet Family: a family that commits murder together, stays together

Dark comedies are simply lovely. They make me laugh out loud and tickle me to the bones. And this one’s simply one of the best. This is a creation of the illustrious Kim Ji-woon, released in 1998.

The story is about a family who runs a hunting lodge in the forest. The patriarch recently bought the lodge despite the fact that he knows nothing in business. Nevertheless, they try their best to keep the lodge running in that virtually godforsaken countryside.

One evening, a strange guy came up to their lodge and stayed for the night. In Filipino belief, buenamano kung lalaki ang unang kliyente, it brings good luck if the first client is a guy. Then bam! Next day, they found him dead. Suicide of course.

They were all scared and didn’t know what to do, and since they’re starting their business, they can’t risk the lodge having a reputation of being damned. So, just like every good business man would do, the patriarch decided to bury the body and making the whole family involved in this little secret.

The next in line was a couple of lovers who stayed for the night. After a steamy intimate evening, they were found dead too the following day. Suicide again.

From one death to another, I was laughing at the peculiarity and the ingenuity of this family in covering the deaths and their murders. It’s true, a lie is simply covered by a bigger one, and eventually it will be covered by another, until it becomes a heap of stinking corpses, emerging to haunt you back.

I know I sound like a sick freak, but I loved the movie. My gosh it was one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen! Hahaha!

Great actors are also in it- Song Kang-ho, and Choi Min-sik the lead guy in Old Boy.

Kinda reminds me of the 1995 movie The Last Supper by Stacy Title.

DA VEDERE! Hehehehe!

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