Saturday, April 07, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #4 Recap- Mental Exercises or Addressing the Annoying State of Space-Between-the-Head Syndrome of the People and Homoerotic Tendencies

Weight: 80 kg pa rin…

One of the many things I realized in life, ever since I’ve become a ‘gym-anoid’ (noob level), is that most people do not understand the concept of staying fit and healthy and they really do not understand the purpose of the existence of a gym.

It annoys me whenever they approach me to reveal their vulnerable poor mental state. So it was but necessary to address this issue to give them mental exercises and use their grey matter first before opening their mouths. And people should do the same to, to allow them to become better citizens

Here are some of the many conversation I had with some people.

*          *          *

T:“Saan ka galing?”

Ako: “Sa gym.”

T: “Anong ginagawa mo doon?” (is this a real question?)

Ako: “Namamalengke.” (sabay ikot at iniwanan ang kausap)

*          *          *
1 week since becoming a gym member

T: Nag-gym ka ba ? Bakit ang taba mo pa rin?

Ako:  Namalengke kasi ako doon. Eh ikaw? Galing ka ba sa liposuction center? Hindi lang kasi taba ang nahigop sayo eh, pati yung utak mo yata nahigop na rin.

*          *          *
Eto ang mahirap sagutin

T: Pinagpapawisan ka ba doon?

Ako: (turning away from the dim-witted interlocutor and looks up to the sky, shouting out loud to all possible UFO’s) THERE’S NO INTELLIGENT LIFE HERE!

*          *          *
T: Ano nag sauna ka na ba doon?

Two days later.

T: Ano nag sauna ka na ba doon?

Two days later

T: Ano nag sauna ka na ba doon?

Me thinks this one has particular fascination with saunas. Such redundant inquiry shows his obsession. Just run away from him.

*          *          *

And speaking of obsession, here’s a very strange human behaviour I observed among presumably straight individuals- that urgent need to touch your arms or shoulders or abdomen OR be touched by others, after saying this- “I go to gym.”

St. Sebastian's portrayals in painting is presumably homoerotic. Seriously?

These presumably homoerotic tendencies of certain people are quite irritating. I have nothing against gay people. They’re nice, and perhaps, a lot better or just as worse, as straight people. But what I can’t stand is people coming near me and touching me. OA lang ako, weh! hahaha!

It’s not like I’ve already achieved that ripped body that I’ve always wanted to have. I’m still a slob, just leaner now (hehehe!). BUT I DON’T WANT PEOPLE TOUCHING ME!

Then there are those who would like to be touched. Something like, “O kuya, touch my arms and see for yourself.”. KSH ka ba? Kulang sa hipo? Go somewhere else where there are freaks who would be more than eager to rub you! DAMN IT I DON’T WANT TO TOUCH ANYBODY!

Ok fine, I might be exaggerating. Pero to be honest, I really don’t like to be touched by others unless I want them to or touch other people unless they want me to and if I’m comfortable with it. It’s too inappropriate. Call me old school or freak, I don’t care!

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