Saturday, April 07, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #5 Recap- The Master of Agony II- The Enlightenment

Weight: 80 kg pa rin! Grrrr…

As time goes by, daily routine becomes more and more lousy and pointless. After a passionate phase of doing 5-day workout habit, a newbie would soon lose faith in his routine. Am I doing this right? Is this really what I need? Or should I try those downloadable phone apps on workouts and exercises?

Behold, out of the wilderness of wandering buffs and pointless routines, the new master of agony emerged!

He was among us, and yet he was never one of us; the prophet and truth-sayer, he who has brought enlightenment. After years of not seeing each other, this friend of mine lost a good deal of fat and was able to achieve a nice set of six-pack abs. Well, I didn’t see them, but he claimed to have abs more defined than those whom I used to look up to when it comes to exercises.

We talked about our routines and he explained to me this and that and the why’s of every exercise. He actually taught me a new exercise routine. Some of the things he taught me were not new to me for I’ve heard about them from other friends who were also fitness freaks. But the thing is, I’m quite skeptical with the things those muscle squad friends of mine teach me. Their teachings don’t appeal to me and I find them impossible for my needs.

But with Prophet of Reasonable Fitness, I finally understood why I should do certain exercises and why I shouldn’t do certain routines. He’s very reasonable. You know that a trainer is good because he knows what’s on your mind. He respects you. He won’t laugh at you when you’re having cramps but rather help you out. And one can identify himself with the trainer because he’s a good example, thus making one believe that he can lift weights and sweat buckets more than the usual and achieve his goal.

From then on, I have started the Secret Society of Salivating Salvanites, in honour of my new Master of Agony who brought enlightenment to his followers.

Salamat sa iyo. After we met, and after doing what you taught me, the following day I felt like all of my limbs and muscles were severely massacred with sheer violence. Maraming salamat!

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