Sunday, May 13, 2012

Judas and the Unrepentant Magdalene

I admit that I have allowed hatred and bitterness creep into my heart ever since that Judas and his Unrepentant Magdalene was banned from our little temple.

It is true, when love comes, it will try to thrive in the hearts of two lovers even if it means moving the heavens, the earth, and the depths of hell. And that’s exactly what happened.

They were good and faithful followers of the Way. All of us were disciples, serving in the Kingdom of the Almighty.

Judas was charismatic. He’s not strikingly handsome. Perhaps it’s his personality that makes him attractive. He possesses great attributes and skills. He was sometimes reproached mildly because of some acts of immaturity but was humble enough to accept and acknowledge his faults. The whole brethren and the other disciples believed that he can be a good man, a leader with great potentials in the future.

Magdalene was a fair young lady blessed with exceptional, princess-like beauty. Nobody could deny that. When she dances, her gracious slender body sways with the tender whisper of heaven, that men fall for her beauty and angels hail glory to God above for creating such lovely lady.

I believed that God has a wonderful grand plan for both of them. Unfortunately, old Satan took up the role of cupid and frustrated everything.

Later, the two disciples fell in love with each other. Love is a wonderful thing but it’s terrible especially when two people had the right love at the wrong time. It’s a catastrophe.

Others would think that it’s wrong and unfair that other people, like us, should interfere in the lives of others. True. But then, the principles to which we adhere are quite different from the principles and priorities on which your brave new world is founded.

The age-gap between the two of them is so wide. Magdalene was waaaaay too young for someone like Judas, who, on the other hand was waaaay too old for her. But it’s love, you know. Kanya kanya talagang trip yan. I mean, I myself have a different taste. I’m usually attracted to somebody older, powerful or influential, and yes, I’ll say it shamelessly, RICH! Hahahaha!

Anyway, we confronted them, gave them the right advice. If they were ‘common’ folks, we could’ve just tolerated the situation, but since they have a certain status in a community in which they are required to be responsible with their actions and be good role models to the youth and others, we had to interfere.

It was never our intention to separate the two of them. In fact, we approved it, well, at least in my opinion. I told my peers that we should not hinder two people who are in love with each other but we have to advise Judas and Magdalene that it was not the right time for them to jump into such relationship. The young lady was actually a minor at the time

They kept a low profile for a certain period of time. But then things went out of hand, and unfortunately, what we feared happened.

Pre-marital sex is not acceptable. People of this brave new world would think of us as savages, but this is one of the many issues our community believes in- that purity must be kept until marriage. If anybody can’t handle that, then they must leave. One must respect the principles and beliefs of a religious body, and if he can’t, then he is free to leave and choose for himself a belief that fits into his opinion. After all, the brave new world is a free world- where immorality is a virtue and harlotry is a trend.

They were excommunicated. Instead of straightening their ways and be reconciled again to the brethren, they went on exile.

Looking back, Judas and Magdalene did nothing but make up stories to cover their big lie, piling up stories, one lie after another. We were accused of hypocrisy and slander.

The other disciples knew what was happening before the truth burst out, but they were silent at the time, inadvertently condoning Judas’ treachery and Magdalene’s acts of harlotry.

I was loyal to them and had faith in Magdalene and Judas. In return, they turned their backs to us and categorized us as hypocrites and sanctimonious.

But you know what, whatever they said in the past and what they did, they were already forgiven by our leaders and our spiritual father and mother. If they would come back to God and say sorry, the gates of the temple would be open again for them and they will be received with much joy and love. The spiritual head is more than eager to make a new beginning.

It was and it still is hard for me to forgive and forget. I treated them as friends, like members of my own family, and lately, I heard their opinions about us never changed. For them, we’re the still old hypocrites.

But then, who cares? Excommunication was the best thing we gave them. At least they’re now free to love each other and do whatever they think is right. They never truly cared about following the path of the Almighty. It only pisses me off that God would be so gracious to them while people like me are trying hard to do what is good. Doesn’t he think I deserve something better? But then, He is just. He knows what He’s doing.

The fact is true religion and faith is not all about good works. If one can love and forgive, then he is a true believer.

And with that, I do realized that I am truly a hypocrite- one who prays loudly and publicly but can’t even be gracious enough to forgive the errors of others.

Anyway, I don’t miss Judas or his mistress, the Unrepentant Magdalene. I brought this issue up because few months ago I saw Magdalene’s posts in Facebook. Accusatory remarks. Hay nako! I should be putting it behind now. I believe they are extremely happy now wherever they are. I should be happy that they are not in a miserable situation.

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