Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #8 Recap- Plateau Effect

Weight: 80 kg…. Hopeless na ba? Hindi na talaga mababawasan ito?

More than two weeks na ang nakalipas, this is a late update. Whatever.

Sa pag-workout may tinatawag silang “plateau effect”.

Ano ang hinayupak na salitang ito?

Well, ayon sa mga kilala kong miyembro ng muscle squadrons (people who have no other topics to bring up in a conversation except how to get those venerated abs and enlarging biceps) nasasanay daw ang katawan natin sa isang work-out routine. Kapag nangyari ito, the body will stop developing muscles and stop burning body fats dahil familiar na sa kanya ang routine. This is what we call “plateau effect phenomenon”.

Sample lang kung ano ang ibig sabihin ko....

Para maiwasan daw ito, mahalaga na every two weeks nagpapalit ng workout routines.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah! Bad trip!

Lately kasi, hindi ako nakakapunta sa gym because of many cosmological hindrances, my loathsome job, and many other silly reasons. At oo, NAKAKAPAGOD! Hahaha! Masisisraan ako ng bait. Hindi lang plato ang epekto eh! Sira sa ulo!

Pero sige, promise! Magsisipag na ulit ako sa gym! 


  1. wow! we have the same weight.

    pero just a few days ago, I lost two kilos because I've also been trying to lose weight.

    anyway, interesting fact you have there. I am yet to discover the truth behind it. Kasi iisang workout lang din gingawa ko. Jogging in the morning and a workout routine in the afternoon.

  2. read this ,it may help you alot " after burner effect" eto site "AFTER BURNER EFFECT"

    You have heard a lot about the “Afterburner Effect” lately. What exactly is it and how do you use it? Do you have to buy anything? Of course not! Its simple and easy to activate your “fat afterburner”!

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    We’ve all see the activity calculators, the ones that say if you jog for 30 minutes you burn off 325 calories – these are very misleading and pessimistic. Back in 1918, Harris and Benedict discovered that doing cardio caused the body to burn up way more calories than these charts predicted. Doing cardio puts the bodies metabolism into overdrive so that it continues to burn more calories for around 24 hours after the exercise stops. Harris and Benedict came up with some formulas which predict the how much these fat afterburners will burn up which is what my calorie calculator is based on.

    Lets look at a great example,! If I did no cardio, my daily energy need would be 2600 calories. The below chart shows how much afterburner effect I get for a given daily amount of cardio:
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    min.Cardio|CardioBurns|EffectBurns|CalsBurned |Fat Lost
    none |0 cals/day |0 cals/day |2600cals/day|0.0lbs/wk
    20min/day |230cals/day|70cals/day |2800cals/day|0.6lbs/wk
    35min/day |400cals/day|360cals/day|3360cals/day|1.7lbs/wk
    50min/day |570cals/day|580cals/day|3750cals/day|2.3lbs/wk

    You will note that at 20min/day, its negligible but when you up it to 35min a day it really starts to kick in! By 50min a day, the fat afterburner is in overdrive chomping up 580cals a day while I sit and do nothing.

    So what’s happening here? Its nothing complicated, mysterious, or fancy as many would have you believe. Its just that cardio raises your metabolic rate. Just as hibernation lowers metabolic rate to near zero, high activity sends the metabolic rate thru the roof. Interesting question, what qualifies as “cardio“. Definitely traditional steady state cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking. Perhaps interval training, its unclear. The Tabata supporters would have you think that 4min of Tabata is all you need to do, personally I feel that is some very wishful thinking. At best I would say that 20 minutes of intervals is like 35min of running. One thing that IS clear, you must do the cardio every day! The afterburner effect only seems to last about 24 hours so you need to do cardio daily if you want the effect. Doing a 7 hour run on sunday burns off fewer calories than doing a 30 minute jog each day and the 7 hour run will kill you :)

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    People always ask if they can lose fat and get 6-pack abs without doing cardio, and the answer is – “Yes, but its really really hard”. Why struggle? Use your fat afterburners!


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