Sunday, May 13, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #9 Recap- An Act of Insanity a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Weight: 78!!!! Yeah!

I remember the day, in that precise moment when the world seemed so normal, too normal to be real, I saw a friend’s Facebook status about Insanity Workout Program. I knew there’s something crazy going on with her.

I think a year has already passed until I saw a video about this workout program and realized that this workout program was meant for me.

And now I am officially INSANE. Actually my friends think that it is the end of the world. For them it’s unthinkable that someone like me would do exercises and lift weights. Guess what, it’s been more than two months that I go to gym and I’m looking healthier and sexier than ever!

But pumping iron and doing other stuff, and taichi aren’t enough for me. I wanted something really challenging. And so, the Insanity Workout Program.

This workout program is a series of cardio exercises which you can do in the convenience of your home and, according to others, it is guaranteed to help you burn fat. Of course, it’s not a magic formula to have those god-like abs and ripped chest or whatsoever, but it will enhance the strength and potentials of the body and, yes, help you burn a lot of fat.

The program is simply insane. Watching the video, it looks easy, but once you start doing those exercises, my goodness!

Why do I like it? Because I’m conditioning myself to develop an intense aversion towards body fat. Because I like doing a challenge like this. And obviously, because, as other normal-kuno people say, I am insane.

Anyway, it’s a two-month program so I hope that I’ll make it to the end and see considerable results.

Ciao everyone!


  1. ang galing marunong na ako hahahha (ignorante!!!)


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