Friday, June 08, 2012

Get Real. Be a Filipino. Love Pacquiao.

Let’s be real folks. We’ve got nothing but Pacquiao. Except for the heat and sex that drove our numbers to 95 million, we only got Pacquiao.

Law, justice, Noynoy, “More fun in the Philippines”, our natural wonders, and what else? Nah! Miserable sweet-nothings.

Apart from all those disgusting half-naked half-breeds, there’s only Pacquiao.

Who’s the guy who passively fights all levels of crime in the country in one day? Even the most corrupt pigs in the House of Representatives cease from their heinous obscenity and greed just to give moral support to Pacquiao- the ultimate form of nationalism in the country.

Who’s the guy who can transform everyone into patriots by knocking another person down? It’s not the flag. It’s not Jose Rizal. It’s not the heroic history of our ancestors. It’s PACQUIAO.

Who’s the guy that impressed the world and the Philippines with singing skills? It’s not Jessica Sanchez (because she’s a half-breed, she made Mexico and America proud too). It’s not Charice (who is now the apparent twin sister of Justin Bieber) because she kind of pissed off a lot of Pinoys lately. It’s not the pure talent of Leah Salonga. It’s PACQUIAO, and of course, I just have to mention the name of one of the genuine music artists of the Philippines, that half-breed Anne Curtis. But then, it’s still Pacquiao.

Who’s the true hero of the country? Again, it’s not Jose Rizal. It’s not Andres Bonifacio. It’s not the 8 million honest and hard-working expatriates who are constantly harassed, ridiculed, and living very unglamorous lives, and who are apparently one of the important pillars that hold the fragile economy of the country. It’s not those freakin’ volunteers and strange folks like Muelmar Magallanes who saved families from Ondoy or Efren Peñaflorida, the ever-martyr and educator of poor children. It’s simply, the one and only PACQUIAO.

Who’s the guy, apart from Miriam Quiambao, who pissed off all the gay people in the country? The beautiful tandem of Mommy Dionisia…. And…. PACQUIAO!

Who’s the person who can give vision and direction to our kids and the youth today? It’s not educational institutions like school or university. It’s not education itself. It’s not the nameless myriad of teachers and professors who teach kids and the youth to count, read, and write, and become better citizens. It’s not the teachers who go to mountain villages to teach little ones the alphabet and numbers, using charcoal and leaves and stones. It’s not the President who increased budget for education. It’s not the honest law-makers who are pushing for quality education and information for the younger generation. It could be Kris Aquino. But one thing is for sure, it’s PACQUIAO.

Who’s the only person who can bring peace in the country? It’s not the Christian and Muslim peace negotiators. It’s the not capitalist and communist peace negotiators. According to former-President-turned-trolling-little-congresswoman-all-time-favourite-mafia-matriarch Gloria Arroyo, there’s one ambassador of peace and understanding- yes, it’s not a surprise. It’s Manny Pacquiao, with his peace-making punches.

What is the new official religion of the Philippines? It’s not anymore Catholicism or any other religion that brings hope and spiritual refreshment and moves people to search their souls. It’s not anymore Starbucks. The recently installed religion Magnum Mania is now ousted by the one and only, All-Time Great, Manny Pacquiao. More Pacmanisms/Pacquiaoism for everyone!

Who will save us from Chinese intruders? It’s not the United States because they are in debt with China. It’s not the European Union because they’re a bunch of quasi-bankrupt wimps. It’s not the nerds of ASEAN. It’s definitely not the Avengers. Maybe the Super Friends will come (but we’re not sure). There’s one man who will save us, Manny Pacquiao!

Who’s Paris Hilton’s real BFF? It’s not really Jinky. It’s Pacquiao. And with their true friendship, they will consolidate US-Philippine Relations.

Who’s the only person who will beat Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Willie Revillame in the Presidential Election in 2016? SIYEMPRE SI MR. PRESIDENT HIS EXCELLENCY MANNY PACQUIAO.

Get real. Be a Filipino. Love Pacquiao.


  1. well i believe in Paquiao so much and i know this fight is still his to win,

  2. being here in this country is a big thing..

  3. oh well, ano kayang mangyayari kapag nag sunod-sunod na yung mga talo n'ya... at somewhere down the mabatong road ay mag-retire na s'ya.

    oh what will we have then? ala pa 'ata tayong pamalit...

    allora, nice presentation nung independence day celeb, i guess magto-troll na muna ako sa blog mo hehe.


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