Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Half-Breeds and the Discrimination Against the Cute

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not allow me to promote hate towards those despicable filthy half-breeds (God bless their filthy souls).

I simply dislike people who are 50% Filipino + 50% Whatever. Right now, I'm thinking of Lord Voldemort- we both share the same passionate hatred towards half-breeds, but I got a better nose.

So why do I hate half-breeds?

There’s a certain Filipino publication in Rome that features the sexy, the beautiful, and the handsome in their Facebook page. The idea of this publication is genuine and really creative. I actually think that it can make a breakthrough and get ahead of other local Filipino publications here in Italy. Then I saw in their Facebook page the picture of a half-breed. He’s undeniably handsome. And I do not deny that I am jealous. However, the fact that they feature some half-breed is really infuriating. I refuse to believe that there was no other handsome pure-blooded Filipino in that event. I was there. But what can I do? To their eyes, that humanoid is handsome enough to be featured as one of the best-looking guys in the event.

In the past, the word half-breed is a very offensive word in other countries, while in the Philippines, it’s a complement. Everybody aspires to boast of foreign blood in their veins and in their family tree. Here’s a historical fact: Spaniards despised the indios, so there are very few true mestizos in the land. Unless your great great great grandmothers were raped by some Spanish monks or Japanese soldiers, then you are undeniably an indio like me.

Three years ago I did some investigation and research of my family’s background. I come from a pure-blood Filipino family, a family of farmers from Batangas and Laguna; farmers like so many others. Why is it that there are those who claim to have European/Japanese/Spanish blood in them? Because they are the spawns of Doña Victorina.

For so many years, from one trend to another, half-breeds have always dominated the Philippine modern arts and culture (I’m referring to Philippine showbiz industry and other popular trends of the country, the ONLY known art and culture by the people). Their caste is the ultimate exemplary of cute, beautiful and talent. Talent talaga ha?

How many half-breeds in the industry are being showcased to be as talented as those pure-blood Filipinos? How many half-breeds easily made it to the top with the fair color of their skin, the freakin’ stupid accent when they speak Filipino, their over-rated acting and mythical singing talent (yes, their talent is just a myth)?

The concept of “the beautiful and charming half-breed” is deeply rooted in our modern culture and in the Filipino mentality, that it’s not a mere concept anymore. It’s a cancer that must be removed in the most drastic manner (i.e. mutilation of half-breeds, banishment, or massacre, of course, I’m just trying to be comical). Or better, it’s like Starbucks and Magnum Mania in the Philippines- it’s one of Philippines’ major religions (BEFORE Catholicism, Islam and Protestant Christianity).

We cannot deny our Doña Victorina Syndrome. Just say that this guy is half-Australian, gwapo na agad. Half-Brazilian girls are sexy. Half-Japanese guys are cute. Half-Americans are talented. If I were to compete with these humanoids, even if we were equally untalented, I would stand no chance against them.

And you know what’s disturbing? Some of the pure-bloods are trying to be like them. And these half-breeds have the nerve to stand up and say, in the most horrible language-slaughtering foreign accent, “Akoh ahy Pilipinohw”. Parang jejemon lang.

Ganon na ba ka-pangit at kababa ng kalidad ng kagandahan at kakisigan ng mga kapwa kong tunay na Pilipino? Hindi ko naman talaga ninanais siraan ang mga half-breeds. Masasabi na lang din natin na biktima lang sila ng isang sistema, isang maling kaisipang kultural.

May mga half-breed ang sumikat na may tunay na talento. Subalit iilan lang sila. Ang ipinagtataka ko, bakit ang naglipana ang mga malalandi at mga ugok na half-breed na wala talagang talento? Bakit ang daming mga gwapo at magagandang purong lahi sa paligid ko na hindi binibigyan ng pagkakataon na sumikat?

Dahil ba sa higit na maganda o makisig ang mga half-breed na ‘yan? O tayo lang ang may baluktot na pananaw sa konsepto ng kagandahan?

Puede ba? Kung gusto niyo lang ipagmalaki ang pagiging tunay na Pilipino, eh di ipagmalaki niyo na talaga ang purong Pilipino.


  1. well for my theres nothing wrong with the half breeds and by the way my father is,
    hmmm though i agree they better promote the "pure"
    but i guess its natural for most filipinos to admire those halfbreeds it has something to do with mental colonialism

  2. Well i do agree ...

    Don't get me started on how they neglect charice when she was here ...then she came to america and eveybody start loving her then she turn to a weird american supposed to be half breed ?

    And now how they are trying to hug jessica sanchez like they own her or owe her of some sort...

    it is honestly annoying...

  3. Half breeds are way different from pure ones,

    people doesn't understand that


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