Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #16 Recap- Hate Week

I just hate it when you lay out your workout program plan for the week and it’s sabotaged by work and other unexplainable phenomena and cosmological forces that lead dim-witted individuals to cross your path and obstruct your goal for the week.

I just hate it when you go inside the sauna and you hear two douchebags talk about their latest sexual conquest. Sleeping with women like they were mindless Barbie dolls? And this is why they go to the gym?

I just hate it when you are apparently achieving something and then somebody would ask, “Did you just gained weight, AGAIN?”.

I just hate it when certain people f*ck with my brain. I mean, get lost. Don’t come near me again when I’m in the sauna. Do you want me to switch to Ted Bundy/Jeffrey Dahmer mode right now?

I just hate seeing half-breeds. And I hate to admit that fact that I am actually a certified state of the art discriminator.

I just hate seeing that freakin’ personal trainer again.

I just hate this week. 


  1. why do you hate half breeds?hmm try looking at the brighter side of the picture i guess

  2. too much hate, but i feel you. there are times when i'm easily irritated by the most random things and people. I sometimes just want to go out in a shooting spree. :)


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