Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rubbish and the Sissy Drink on the Rocks

I never liked cover bands. I’ve always thought that they’re nothing more than copycats.

Then I heard that there was this live performance of Rubbish, an Italian cover band of Oasis at Hard Rock Café Florence.

photo by Simone Teschioni Simon's Photo Corner

Since there’s no more Oasis (eventually split in two: Beady Eyes and THE MAN Noel Gallagher), I decided to go to the event because this is the nearest experience I can get to my favourite band.

So I put on some gel and fashioned my hair into a sleek rock star look, put on the shirt that makes every one believe I got nice wide shoulders and pecs and a small tummy (hehehehe…), and pants that comfortably shows the frontal bump that would make every girl crazy. Yes, I was a hard core rock music lover.

But sometimes looks can be deceiving. My immaculate rocker look is suddenly (damagingly) accompanied by the sissy drink I ordered. It was some pink cocktail. PINK COCKTAIL. No, it was actually purple. They call it Purple Haze, like that Jimmy Hendrix song. I can’t help it, I don’t drink beer. I never drink beer. It has that annoying bitter taste.

But anyway, that’s not the point why I was there at Hard Rock.

Rubbish band really surprised me and changed my mind about cover bands. They may not have their original songs but they did an incredible favour to Oasis fans. They made us feel as if Oasis was all together again. The lead singer can even do that Liam-thing. You know, the singing with both hands behind your back and the body twisted with the microphone a tad bit higher than him. Just watch some of Liam’s performances and you’ll know what I mean. The band rocked the place. Everybody was singing, dancing, and many others are suppressing the urge to jump up and down and shout. And talk about the venue, Hard Rock Café Florence is the best of its kind here in Italy.

At the bar, I ordered another drink, a white Martini (sissier than ever, hahaha!), and finally the alcohol hit me. I was singing and bobbing my head like crazy. Who cares? I’m here for the music. I can’t be a poser all time like all these creeps around me. Hah!

It’s kind of sad that none of my friends was there. Maybe because my taste are too rock for them, and because they’re so pop music? Or maybe I’m just old and the music I listen to is already considered contemporary classic? Whatever the case is, to miss a live performance of Rubbish is really a big mistake. I feel so sorry for them. Rubbish, forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing.

I’m glad I made the wise decision to be there. Forget about the vain efforts of looking like a rock star. Forget about the sissy drink on the rocks. Rubbish is no rubbish at all. This is good shit. You want a piece of Oasis? Then you better go and see Rubbish.

Rock on!

(Photo courtesy of the photographer Simone Teschioni who captured those marvelous moments. Visit his page Simon's Photos Corner)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #24- Team Philippines

If you followed my (supposedly) weekly updates, I said that I’m a bit bothered whenever I see some Pinoys in the fitness center where I go to. Pero ngayon, I’m really annoyed.

Hindi naman sa ako’y racist. Suplado lang talaga ako. I don’t hate the Philippines. I just abhor certain Filipinos.

But beyond the hatred, I simply want to be segregated. That’s why I keep on saying I’m anomalous. Kapag gusto ng lahat, nade-develop ang aversion sa kaibuturan ng puso ko towards everyone’s object of worship.

At ngayon, uso na kasi sa lahat ng mga kalalakihang Pilipino ang magpunta sa gym, ESPECIALLY, sa over-rated and overpriced gym na pinupuntahan ko.

Team Philippines is in da haus mga kababayan.


So now, para lang hindi ko makita ang buong baranggay, kasama na ako ng mga employee ng gym sa opening early in the morning. It’s annoying.

I know, I do sound like a jerk. But I just can’t help it. I have this thing na hindi gustuhin ang gusto ng karamihang Pilipino. Yung feeling na para maiba naman. Kahit nandun na ang mga pinsan ko, ilan kong kaibigan, kahit yung asawa ng pinsan ko, I never liked the idea of going to the gym with somebody else I know.

Siguro nahihiya lang ako because I look like a pathetic beginner. And that’s what I really am. But apart from that, I’m really annoyed to see the whole testosterone-driven douche-bags of baranggay (hindi siyempre included sa branggay na ‘yan yung mga kilala ko).

Loner din kasi ako kaya siguro ganun. Sabi nga ng ilang websites about fitness, mahalaga na may mga kasabay ka na kaibigan because it’s encouraging to do exercises together. The effect for me is the total opposite. Para ako ma-encourage, I just need one person or no one else at all.

Anyway, sige, banat lang ng banat! Magsama-sama kayong Team Philippines diyan!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Two for the Show

What I’m looking for in a band is good noise, great music, and fantastic songs. Hindi lang puro pa-cute o mga over-rated music artist. I want bands that are very unique. I usually like indie bands, because they’re not so sugar-coated and commercialized. They do make good noise, and usually they’re two-man bands. Here are some of my favourites-

The White Stripes

American rock duo formed in 1997. I only heard about them in late 2004 when “The Seven Nation Army” was played in Italian radio stations. After hearing the song, I got hooked.  I’ve seen also their live performances in YouTube. Man, they really rock! The band is made up of Jack White (guitars, vocals, and keyboards) and Meg White (drums). They split in 2011.

The Dresden Dolls

Have you ever heard of that song about a coin-operated boy with its unmistakable and unforgettable piano intro? I’m sure you’ve heard of it, “Coin-Operated Boy” by The Dresden Dolls, another two-man band. Their song was used in some advertisement. Anyway, I was amazed at how two people can gather a horde of music lovers during their concerts. Most of the time they use keyboards and drums. Keyboards and drums for a concert? Can you believe it? And they rock the whole place! The groups consists of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione, and it was formed in 2000.

The Black Keys

TBK is an American rock duo composed by two college drop-outs- Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. I just love their “Gold in the Ceiling” song. I made it my ring tone. I just love garage rock, especially when it is good noise made by two music geniuses.


And finally, my recent discovery, the Korean Band and winner of the KBS’s Top Band competition- Toxic. I was looking for a cover of Hotel California which I can play, then I bumped in to this music video. And the rest is history. God I love these guys. They sure can make me gay whenever I listen to them or watch their live performances. Nyaha! I love them! I love their music!

I wanted to order an album from South Korea, the only problem is I DON’T KNOW KOREAN. Damn it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alanis Morissette- True and Faithful to Her Calling

She remained true and faithful to her calling. Alanis came back to Florence to bring back memories, nostalgic verses, and inspiring music. A true rock music artist. To be there and witness the unravelling of genuine music artistry on the rooftop of the Cavea del Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera is a priceless experience. More than a month has passed since I went to her concert. Matapos makapag-muni-muni sa kanyang songs, I thought of writing something about it, sharing the experience.

When she was on the stage and started singing, I thought at the beginning that it was lip-synch. But soon I realized that it was her real voice. She’s truly not an auto-tuned-glitter-ass pop music artist.

The new songs she performed were okay, but they don’t have the same magnetic euphoric effect of the songs from her first and second albums, especially her hits from the “Jagged Little Pill”.

It was so extraordinary. Her lyrics told our stories, our lives. She has always known how it feels to be young and helpless as a teenager, to be in love and discover life as a youth, to learn from experiences, to feel special, to be enraged. She’s been there where you found yourself alone in the dark, heart brimming with fear and hopes.

During the concert, it was as if she was sharing her heart and soul and music to the lost, to the weeping. And here we are, all inspired, shouting and singing at the top of our lungs, with one hand in my pocket while I make a peace sign with the other.

I closed my eyes, and like the multitude, stood up and sang along with her, feeling the music- with your soul, skin and bones. I stood there immersed in the sea of voices and hearts, all crying out- ALANIS.

She never fails to inspire and move people’s hearts. When she sang “Head Over Feet”, I was quietly crying. I was and am in love. And it’s like the lyrics of her song. I know it sounds gay, but I don’t give a crap! I shed those tears, reminisce the past, and contemplate the present. Emo na emo ang dating! Hahaha! Such a blissful moment.

My favourites? Ironic, Wake Up, Right Through You, Oughta Know, All I Really Want, Uninvited, Everything, Hands Clean, and Head Over Feet.

When the concert was about to end, it felt like I was about to be left alone by a dear beloved friend. Alanis sang “Thank You”, and it was hard to say goodbye. When the lights came back, and when she was gone from the stage, I felt that something was missing. I miss Alanis. I hope she’ll come back. 

Photos courtesy of my employer and best friend....

Xian Gallardo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 Down!

A-   Auster, Paul- Oracle Night
B-    Barnes, Julian- Sense of an Ending
C-    Cornwell, Patricia- The Last Precinct
D-   Dennis, Patrick- Auntie Mame
E-    Eugenides, Jeffrey- The Middlesex
F-    Follett, Ken- The Pillars of the Earth
G-   Grisham, John- The Runaway Jury
H-   Huxley, Aldous- Brave New World
I-     Isherwood, Christopher- A Single Man
J-     Jin, Ha- In the Pond
K-   Kelman, Stephen- Pigeon English
L-    Lewis, C.S.- The Screwtape Letters
M- Murakami, Haruki- South of the Border, West of the Sun
N-   Nin, Anais- Henry and June
O- O'Donovan, Gerard- The Priest  
P-    Patchett, Ann- Bel Canto
Q-   Quinn, Jay- The Beloved Son
R-   Rounding, Virginia- Catherine the Great: Love, Sex, and Power
S-    Simoni, Marcello- Il Mercante dei Libri Maledetti
T-   Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Hobbit
U-   Updike, John- The Centaur
V-   Vonnegut, Kurt- The Cat’s Cradle
W- Waugh, Evelyn- The Brideshead Revisited
X-   Xiaolong, Qiu- Death of a Red Heroine
Y-   Yates, Alexander- Moondogs
Z- Zola, Emile- The Belly of Paris

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Weeks #17-23 Recap- Bringing Sexy Back

I can’t believe that I indulged myself with “buhay baboy” for seven weeks. But it’s over now. I’m back from the Silent Period. I’ve turned the button “Be Overwhelmingly Sexy Now Mode” on. I’m bringing sexy back.

It’s not easy to restart again. I mean, first of all, I really don’t like fitness centers. Thank God there’s steam bath and a hydro-massage pool. Thank God for the rock music they play. Thank God for podcasts (thank God for Magic 89.9!). Thank God for all these things I mentioned that I’m able to stay there.

More Filipinos are becoming members of my gym. Thursday morning, after my training, a horde of Filipinos were there, a baranggay! I’m not a state of the art discriminator, but for some reason the presence of too many Filipinos, and any other human beings for that matter, really annoy me. That’s the reason why I always go in the mornings- less human beings, no chances of sharing any equipment with anybody. Yes, I’m greedy and evil, whatever. I don’t care. Nakaka-conscious din, and it’s distracting me.

I’ve started eating right- the right food, in the right time. I’ve spent quite some time doing research, consultations and stuff. Maybe next month, I might get a personal trainer, one who really wants to help me. I need to save some money for that.

Getting enough sleep is still a problem. It’s summer here. I can’t sleep in the evenings because of the sweltering heat, because of the books I’m reading, and because I write in the evenings.

Believe me, there are no shortcuts or magic to achieve a really healthy and strong body, and a sexy form.


#1. Lose fat (not weight, that’s different) and increase muscle mass. Get visible results by autumn.

#2. Long-term goal- Photo shoot with my friend Xian Gallardo, the making of the Tripster/Mishima Project (I’m also considering to learn kendo and another martial art).

#3. Train to join a marathon next year.

#4. Be a man-whore in Abercrombie or Hollister…. NOT! Hahaha!

I swear, by the Abercrombie shirt that I was finally able to wear, to fulfil all these self-centered goals in the allotted time of one year (or two!).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Pseudo-Conyo

Dear Miss Pseudo-Conyo,

Hija de Ewan ka talaga. Hindi ko lubos maintindihan kung bakit ka nagkaganyan. You were such a charming girl. Smart ka talaga ever since you were little. Pero bakit ka ba nagkaganyan?

Balita ko supladita ka na. One time nga daw, nagyaya ka nga daw sa birthday bash mo sa mga relatives natin but you didn’t invite my grandmother, who is also YOUR grandmother. Nakatayo na nga siya sa harap mo na echepwera pa.

Tindi mo teh! Iba na talaga ang ‘yong tingin. Nagbago na ang lahat sa ‘yo.

Ang latest pang balita na nakaabot sa akin ay hindi pala natungtong sa Mcdonald’s o kahit anong fast-food restaurants. Kung idadahilan mo sana ay dahil sa gusto mo ng healthy lifestyle, acceptable ‘yon. But you had to be confronted by one of our aunts to reprimand you of your socialite-like behaviour.

Grabe, sosyal ka na rin pala. Nakakahiya, UP student ka pa man din. I used to think that the intelligent underprivileged go to this prestigious university. Sabi ko nga, di bale na pumasok sa university na ito ang mga buwis ng taong bayan, after all, mga iskolar natin ito.

Nakakalungkot lang isipin na ang iskolar ng bayan ay hindi pala kumakain ng pagkain ng masa. Matalino ka, pero hindi ka mayaman ineng. Isipin mo kung sino ang mga magulang mo at ang pamilya natin.

We both belong to a very long line of pure-blooded Tagalogs who worked in rice fields in Laguna and Batangas. Tapos eto ka ngayon, isang pseudo-conyo sa University of the Philippines. Pero ano pa nga ba ang naidulot ng UP sa atin? Disappointments. It has produced the honourable and excellent, as well as the ambitious and the corrupt. Mga iskolar ng bayan, hayun, mga naglipana sa ibang bansa. Inglis-spokeningngmgainaniyo kayong lahat!

Eh ano naman ako Miss Pseudo-Conyo? Disappointment lang din naman ako ng family, pero hindi naman ako itong nasa UP. Maisip mo sana kung paano kinikita ang pera sa abroad habang napaka-glamorous ng buhay mo diyan Madam Scholar ng Bayan.

Ewan ko nga ba? Eh kung ganyan lang din naman eh bakit hindi pa ibuhos ang taxes ng taong bayan sa Ateneo, La Salle, UST at iba pang private universities?

Sige, motto din naman kasi ng Tripster Guy Blog is “kanya kanyang trip yan”, kaya walang basagan talaga ng trip. Ayoko mambasag ng iyong social-climbing trip, basta matuto ka lang lumingon sa iyong pinanggalingan, dahil ako, kaming lahat, we still see you as that sweet and smart little girl whom we love so much. If you really have to change, change for the best.

Loving you forever,

Tripster Guy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rebound Girl

I’m sure you’ve all read about my pseudo-gf Miss Marijuana (click here and read Feelingerong Flingero) .

As I said before, she’s really pretty, cute and sexy. And boring nerds like me would never ever have somebody like her. I’ve thought about it for quite some time and I know nothing’s gonna work between us, except for this fake relationship thing.

One time when I came to work, I saw this guy I know who is the director of a fast-food restaurant. He’s still young and good-looking and Marijuana actually likes him.

Mr. Director recently broke up with his girlfriend and is now rumoured to be making advances towards Marijuana.

Tripster Guy: So, do you go out with this guy?

Marijuana: Asus, selos ka naman?

Tripster Guy: Wish mo lang? But seriously? Nag-date na kayo?

Marijuana: No, I’m not interested.

Just as I thought. Crazy Miss Marijuana has no intentions of moving on. She’s still hoping that one day she and her ex will be back together again. Well, first love never dies. First love would actually kill you.

The thing with this Mr. Director is that he has a friend Mr. Manager who also attempted to date Miss Marijuana. Even in their most sophisticated Don Giovanni-Latin-Lover-Classic-Italiano schemes, Miss Marijuana refused to take her friendship with these two guys any further than that. Both are stuck in her Friend Zone.


Both guys tried to date her AFTER breaking up with their girlfriends. Did they really think that Marijuana is an easy hooker? She dresses up like one and sometimes act like one, but this girl uses her brain, (seldomly and fortunately in the right moments).

It makes me furious how certain douchebags treat girls like this- rebound girls. How could they possibly think that women’s brain is similar to the phallus-centered masculine brain (or whatever that is inside their skull)? Akala nila makaka-score sila kay Miss Marijuana ha, huh!

But who knows? Inamin din naman ni Marijuana kay Mr. Director na mahal pa rin niya yung ex niya, at inamin din ni Mr. Director na ganun din siya. So pareho lang pala silang rebound! Mga trip talaga, puro ka eng-engan pa. So paano yan? Mag best friend na sila? Ano to? PBB Teens? Hahaha!

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

ATTENTION: I’m not bitter or jealous. I just don’t like how they treat Miss Marijuana. We are friends, and I mean a lot less than friends. So don’t think crazy thoughts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Finale (Oo, last na ito)- Acknowledgements

Special thanks to-

Xian Gallardo- my photographer and best friend. Salamat sa iyong hospitality and generosity, thanks also for being my guide sa aking Roman Food Trip. I promise to be a loyal bugaw agent whenever you need models here in Florence. Don’t worry, I’m working out na para matuloy na yung Mishima/Tripster Project. Matutuloy yan and I promise to expose much more flesh sa photoshoot as possible. Nyahahaha! To the few and faithful visitors of the blog, visit- Xian Gallardo Photography

Melvin - my colleague and Travelling Tripper no. 2 a.k.a. Choco Martin. Yummy po talaga ‘yan. Sa lahat ng interested, you can contact me, we can haggle the price. Hahaha! Parang pimp lang eh! Wonderful travelling companion at hindi talaga boring kapag kasama ka. Pasensya na lang at napasingit ka pa sa sibling wars namin at sa mga eksenang napapalabas ang aking pagka-warfreak. Wag kang mag-alala, kung may mangyari man, hindi kita hahayaang masaktan, lumayo ka lang agad sa akin kapag nagsimula na ako ng riot. Hehehe! Salamat ng marami!

Sydney- Ang nag-iisa kong favourite na kapatid. Salamat at hindi mo tuluyang sinira ang mood ko sa Milan trip natin. I was afraid that you would ruin my vacation the way you did when we went to Barcelona. But anyway, masaya ako kapag nakikita kitang masaya na nilulustay ang pera mo sa pag-shopping. I was kind of disappointed at hindi mo inuwi yung model ng A&F. May boyfriend ka n asana ngayon. Anyway, marami pang panahon para sayo.

Zarina- Maraming salamat sa iyong moral support, lalu na noong malapit ko nang kausapin yung cashier sa ticket office ng Centrale. Your immaculate beauty and fascinating wit always inspire happiness and peace in my heart. I could never figure out why you ever settled for something like Alvin, hahaha! Joke! Lucky girl, he will love you more than you love him, hindi ka niya iiwanan (naks, pogi points para sayo pre!).

Alvin- Ewan ko ba, mas guwapo naman ako sayo. Ginayuma mo ba ang gf mo? Hahaha! But you know well I’m just kidding. I always tell people that my two best friends are cool and better-looking than I am. Salamat sa treat, sa pagiging shock-absorber, salamat sa pagiging guide and for making me laugh and smile noong todo to the highest level na ang bad trip ko. Malaki ang utang ko sayo, wag mo lang ako sisingilin ng cash dahil mag file talaga ako ng bankruptcy. Kapag tumungtong ka dito sa Firenze, ako ang bahala sa inyo ni Zarina.

Rick and Jay- Nasan man kayo, salamat at sinamahan niyo kami sa kung anu-anong trip namin sa Milan.

Next destination? Hmmm…

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Brussels
  3. Philippines!!!!!

Sasagutin natin yan sa pagbabalik ng SWELDUHAN!!!!!

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 5- Dear Trenitalia

Dear Trenitalia,

I hope you’re happy now that you have actually squeezed almost 200 euros from my wallet in my recent trip to Milan.

I’m simply amazed at the fact that despite the havoc this crisis has caused and the shameful lay-offs by big companies, you were able to keep all your employees safe, including the freakin’ fat stupid lady in Milan who printed my ticket.

The day (July 25) we arrived at the Centrale, Milan’s train station, I went straight to the ticket office to buy a ticket for three going back to Florence. I explicitly told her “I would like a ticket FOR TOMORROW JULY 26”.

I had so much faith in the efficiency of your employees, that when the b*tch printed our ticket, I didn’t check it.

The following day, hours before our departure, I noticed that the ticket was valid the previous day.

I went back again to the station and made so much fuss about YOUR EMPLOYEE’S error. To my disappointment, according to company’s policies, it was my obligation to check my own ticket. I was wondering if it isn’t the obligation of your employee’s to be NOT STUPID. Anyway, I gave way because the law is always on the side of the powerful and the financially capable.

But anyway, we were able to come home safe and sound, freakin’ thanks to your trains.

I just hope that you’ll start sacking inefficient dim-witted employees. I really do hope that may your managers, executive officers, and all those vice-president freaktards in the company be constipated with money, puke money, until they all die violent deaths. OR, you can start handing out refunds.

Anyway, you can be sure that I’ll be riding Italo the next time. And I promise to check my ticket the next time. As for the money you sucked from my wallet, keep it. The day will come that you’ll pay me back.

Bitterly yours,

T. G. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 4- Epistle of an Epal- To the Men of Abercrombie

Dear Man-Whore Model of Abercrombie,

I have to admit that I’m envious and resentful of your nice abs and attractive looks and physique. I’ve been dreaming of having those and I have been working hard (okay, not that hard, but I’m freakin’ working on it!) to attain such results.

I’m also resentful of the fact that your salary is better than mine, and all you have to do is stand there half-naked, get pictures with girls, and girls, and more girls, and get paid like a man-slut.

They can’t even touch you in a way they would want to, and no one is entitled to bring you home. You’re treated as a gentleman but being paid like a high-class whore? What have you done to create a better society and economy?! Nada.

Here I am working so hard in my destitute-but-not-shameful job, allowing my masters to exploit me in the way I don’t want to, and you’re there just STANDING.

I hate my life. And I hate you.

But let’s put this envy thing aside. Let’s discuss about the materialization of the human body. You and especially your female colleagues have become sex toys. A decade ago, something like this would be appalling, now it’s all for marketing purposes. Abercrombie actually created your work as REAL JOBS. Freakin’ a-holes! Slowly but surely your paymasters are conditioning the minds of people, telling them that- hey be a douchebag, a real life sex doll, it’s freakin’ ok! It’s fashionable! It’s the trend! It’s beautiful! It sells!

You’re a tad bit near to the category of prostitutes, and we’re even that near to legalize prostitution. You’ve also contributed to the distortion of the concept of beauty, and the concept of human dignity.

Even kids that I know, they seem to accept it as normal. Selling sex and fantasies is not normal. It’s called prostitution you freakin’ perv! No matter how hard they pray in their church and yet guys in their own beds are lost in their orgasmic pleasures of the palm or  girls drowned in the oblivion of romanticizing about those guys, it would be useless.

I know, people would say that I’m being a kill joy and that I’m bitter because I’m fat and ugly. Freakin’ hell yeah I am! But I wouldn’t want my sister, or my children work like that! I would rather have them flip burgers than become semi-prostitutes!

Other people won’t accept my opinion because deep inside they’re perverts, latent paedophiles, and whore-mongers.

I’m not saying sex is a sin. But the de-humanization of the body to let it be seen as an object of sexual pleasure, like meat sold in the market is unacceptable.

Maybe I’m just kill-joy, maybe I’m just bitter and envious, and maybe my opinion is wrong. Maybe if I would look like them, I would change my opinion. Maybe if my paymasters would give me more, and the thought that I’m paid better than them, my mind would change. Maybe. But you all know that I’m right.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say Mr. Man-Whore Model. Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Bitterly yours,

T. G. Bagyo

Friday, August 10, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 3- The Northern Exposure Food Trip

Matapos ang nakakatabang pilgrimage ko sa Rome, nagtungo naman ako sa north, sa fashion capital and business center ng Italy- MILAN.

Siyempre full on ang Promdi mode ko- yun bang nakatingala sabay nganga sa mga modern buildings, wide streets and highways, at mga sharp looking individuals in their sleek business suits.

Ibang-iba talaga ang ambience sa Milan. My Roman holiday was educational. Dito, pang ewan lang. Shopping at food trip lang talaga.

You see, Florence is a city but totally different. For some reasons, our city was never able to cope up with modernization and preferred to preserve the medieval set-up of streets and even upheld the medieval law that no building can be built higher that the Cathedral. Kaya naman nung makatungtong ako, kasama ang mga travelling companions ko, sa Milan eh nagmukha talaga kaming promdi dahil ang taas ng mga buildings at nakapa modern ng kanilang streets at public transportations.

From the busy streets to the labyrinthine subways, Milan reeks of busy lives, commerce, and money, and many other things that we won’t find in Florence.

We visited four historical spots- the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, where there’s a mosaic art of a bull on the floor and your supposed to press your heel on his balls like crushing them mercilessly and turn around for luck (what fortune can you possibly get by crushing a bull’s balls?), the Duomo where I had a shouting match with one of the street vendors because I told him to back off, the La Scala Theatre where most tourist have no idea of its importance to the music world, and the Sforza Castle, the seat and residence of the Duchy of Milan, where we saw a fountain filled with tourists soaking their fungi-infested reeking feet in the water (thank you WHITE people for making this country contaminated with foreign viruses and fungi).

Our model and Travelling Tripper no. 2 Melvin, a.k.a. Choco Martin at the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

In front of the Gallery's facade. Our guide, Rick, is the one on the right.

The Duomo of Milan
Melvin and Travelling Tripper no. 3 Sydney, a.k.a The Big Sistah, in front of the Teatro della Scala
The other entrance to the Sforza Castle

After that, FOOD TRIP NA!

We always have lunch at Burger King, king size meal! Hehehe… I like it big. Hahaha!

Madalas din siyempre ang coffee at meryenda. We had cioccolattato bianco, or espresso with white chocolate. One of the many things that I always long for ever since I tasted it. Wala din kasi neto sa Florence! If you visit Milan, don’t forget to visit CioccolatItaliani, malapit lang sa Duomo.

I almost fainted at the sight of those chocolate bars

Hindi din namin pinalampas ang pagkakataon na mag-halo-halo! Isipin mo, all this trouble just for halo-halo. Iba talaga kapag matakaw no? I forgot the address. Tanda ko, you have to take the number 14 tram at bumaba sa isang park somewhere near the Sforza Castle… whatever! Basta magtanong ka lang sa kahit sinong pinoy they will explain to you kung saan. They make good halo-halo.

Not as amazing as those in the Philippines,  but it's okay. Halo-halo yan pre!  Bihira lang yan dito!

Arnold’s Coffee is also an interesting coffee shop. Para din itong over-rated Starbucks, except that walang mga poser at mga feeling mayaman, at mga taong mahilig magpa picture hawak yung mga lecheng cups nila, na kala mo kung sino silang lecheng conyo. Grabe sa mahal ang kape. Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit binalikan ko pa ito. Masarap din naman kasi tumambay, and I had to meet my friend there. We were desperately in need of rest too, and of my caffeine fix. They got nice couches though, kaya ito agad ang naisipan kong puntahan while waiting for my friend.

Thinking of who?

Ganda ng device wala naman yang SIM  card o kahit load. Eto ang classic example ng mga pseudo-conyo sa coffee shops. hahaha! Joke lang sis!

For the rest of our time we went shopping and shopping and shopping. Well, hindi naman ako mahilig bumili ng damit. Just bought 3 shirts, that’s all. Yung katrabaho ko at kapatid ko ang talagang nag-enjoy sa shopping, busting every euro they had in their pockets. Buti na lang at hindi ako naglustay ng euro because I had a surprise from Trenitalia. Saka ko na ikukuwento ang isa na naming yugto ng aking ka-engotan na dinagdagan pa ng ka-engotan ng ibang tao. Anyway, moving on…

It was Saldi (sales) Season kaya ala Paris Hilton si sister mag-shopping. Ganun din si Melvin a.k.a. Choco Martin.

Ano binili? Cooking oil o baby oil?

Xian Gallardo this is for you. Hehehe....
Hindi lang saya, kahit drama meron din, nangyari pa sa Corso Buenos Aires, na kung saan nasaksihan pa ng katrabaho ko ang sample ng sibling wars naming sa shopping avenue na ito. Hahaha! Pero enjoy pa rin!

A quick rest in Buenos Aires Street, one of the major shopping areas in Milan

Lalu pa nag-enjoy ang mga kasama ko nang nakarating pa sa Abercrombie store. Alam mo na yun kung bakit? And we’re not only talking about the clothes, aren’t we? Sayang nga lang at hindi nakapag-uwi ng boyfriend ang sister ko mula sa store na ‘yun.

Entrance to the Abercrombie & Fitch Store in Milan

Melvin posing as A&F Model with A&F-reject Alvin, a.k.a. GTA, malandicious guro ng kalokohan at  bespren ko
Hindi talaga nawawala ang mga hassle sa lahat ng trip ko, yun bang sobrang bad trip ka. Good thing my friend is always there. What are friends are two di ba? Hehehe… Corny.

My one and only shock-absorber at galanteng financer ko sa Milan, wehehehe....
Kasama din naman ang maganda niyang girlfriend, si Zarina, na naging guide din naman, moral support ko and helped to cheer me up. 

Yang kaibigan ko yan kasi shock absorber ko ever since we met. He’s always bright, perky, peace-loving and fun. I’m the one who’s a bore, dark, evil, war-freak, the total opposite, except that I’m better looking. Hehehe! Walang tututol! Blog ko to!

So nakita na niyang na bad trip ako kaya dinala niya ako sa American Donuts- donuts galore! Bottomless coffee!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh! Gusto ko sana mahimatay, but I need to get coffee first. When I got in, got my donut and was having coffee, I thought I had an orgasm. Hahaha! Love the place! Plus, libre pa! Yeah men! Love you talaga pare!

Donuts and shake for Sydney

Sarap talaga balikan ng Milan!

Photos courtesy of Melvin Anglo, salamat!