Sunday, August 05, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY CHAPTER 1: The Roman Food Trip (I Saw, I Ate and Got Fatter)

My friend the Photographer was so generous to let me stay in his place and feed me like I was a pig destined to be slaughtered the day after.

I imagined that my vacation in Rome would be like Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday, but without melodramatic effects. Turns out I was in for a real food trip.

Thus begins my Summer Buhay Baboy. This is not a foodie’s review. I’m just sharing stuff. And when you get in Rome, you better visit these places.

My buhay-baboy officially started at some Asian buffet restaurant they call Buddha Restaurant Lounge in Piazza Umberto Elia Terracini 10. And when they say it’s buffet, mmmm…. Lagot yan sakin!

Grilled delicacies, sushi, seaweeds, moving raw fish, grilled and fried veggies, everything’s there. I thought I was going to faint but I held myself together. I had to eat first before anything else.

The place was great and chic, the staff are amiable and very eager to please their guests.  Every now and then you’ll feel the place rumble and shake. It’s not an earthquake. It’s not even my grumbling stomach. It’s the subway. Anyway, it wouldn’t ruin anybody’s appetite. That restaurant is nirvana.

If you come to Rome in summer you should visit Bibi Joy and try their bubble tea. My friend said that it’s like Philippines’ Zagu, but this one offers cold tea instead. They’ve got lots of flavours to offer- lychee, guava, green apple, lemon, blueberry, and many others.

Photographer and best friend Xian Gallardo, beating the summer with Bibi Joy  bubble tea

It’s near the Stazione Termini. I think it is in Via Merulana, and it’s a 15-minute walk from the Stazione Termini. Actually this is quite unique so far here in Italy. The slow-food nation is too proud to ditch their pasta, lasagna and pizza. You know Italians, they don’t know that there are good food and beverages in other countries. I mean, Mcdonald’s has been operating here for more than 25 years and still a large number of their population still think that hamburgers and French fries from fast-food resto’s are disgusting. Anyway, moving on…

Hindi naman ako nagrereklamo but I really have so much regrets. Kung bakit pa ako nagpadala sa tukso! Argh! Sarap pa magluto ng nanay ng kaibigan ko! Why God?! Why?!

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  1. The food looks good to me! I'm sure it tastes good! Well, I bet whatever food you eat in Rome tastes good! Hahaha. Rome, Rome, Rome one of top dream destinations! :)


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