Tuesday, August 07, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 2- The Pilgrim’s Progress

I’ve been to Rome quite often but I never had the chance to visit the Vatican Museums because I was usually on a business trip (naks! Kala mo kung sinong big time no? hahaha!), and visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican City was never part of my itinerary.

After my stint as chairman of a youth organization, I finally had the chance to come to Rome as a normal, low-profile individual (yep, I’m always prone to self-delusion, hehehe!).

My Roman holiday turned out to be less mundane, but more like a pilgrimage. Typical Protestants wouldn’t count Vatican City and its museums as an interesting place to visit. Unlike my kind, I find it interesting and mystifying at the same time. And of course, a power-monger and political animal like me would love to breathe in the air where the Papal Authority begins, The Sistine Chapel. And I have this thing, this fascination and hidden admiration for popes and the ecclesiastical influence and all the Vatican controversies. Hmmm… I think I read too much of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

Anyway, the Vatican Museum has perhaps one of the most numerous collections of Roman and Greek statues and ancient artefacts, and glorious paintings and artworks of great masters of art.

I wasn’t able to do some reading regarding certain parts of the museum but I’ll just show you some of the photos taken by my photographer friend Mr. Xian Gallardo (Xian Gallardo Photography).

Dedication for Pope John Paul II

This is the photographer. I shot this one. Didn't come out good though, hehehe....
We also stopped in front of the entrance of the Vatican Library. I’m not sure if that was the door that leads to their Vatican Archives, but for any book-lover, that would be a dream- to enter the secret archives and touch and read the books hidden inside. Only few people have access to that Library. I hope one day I can be admitted to that sanctuary.

not the real door of the Vatican Archives, hehehe.... 

In some areas of the museum taking pictures is not allowed, especially in the Sistine Chapel. I have so much respect for such prohibition because of two major reasons- it’s a holy place of one of the major world religions and Michelangelo’s artwork will be damaged by the flashes of thousands and thousands of cameras.

photo from Wikipedia

Still, others get away with it. A horde of tourist principally composed by freaks can really disturb the peace of the holy sanctuary. For chrissakes IT’S THE SISTINE CHAPEL YOU FREAKIN’ IDIOTS! This is where they elect the pope, and you stand there like a freakin’ moron with your moronic camera! I mean, I’m a protestant, and by history I should be avenging my forefathers by inseminating some sort of abomination there but I still have the good sense of respecting the holy sanctuary of Catholics. Instead of taking pictures and doing goofy poses, why not stand there and admire the most magnificent artwork of Christianity, Michelangelo’s Last Judgement? And those whores! They should be covering themselves, instead they just flaunt their flesh there as if the chapel was a freakin’ beach. What’s wrong with you freakin’ harlots? Do you have your brains in your vaginas?! IT’S A HOLY PLACE!

I really thank God that I’m not in his place, doing His job, and thank God I’m not a Catholic, or else I would’ve struck them down with lightning or made a fuss over their ignorance. Sigh! I just fed my eyes with the beauty of one of the most glorious paintings in the world.

Xian asked me if I would like to go to the cupola, or the dome. And I said yes. I didn’t realize that we were about to tread more than 300 steps. But I convinced myself that it’s okay. I had loads of rice and menudo FOR BREAKFAST (!). I might as well burn all those calories going up. It was a breath-taking experience, because once you’re on top, it feels like you dropped your lungs somewhere in the stairs.

But the view from the top is spectacular. You can see the Eternal City, the grounds of Vatican city, priests touching young little boys, WEH JOKE!!!! Hahaha! Walang ganon! Biro lang! Pareng Benedict, just kidding!

I took a deep breath, inhaling the summer air- semi-polluted, semi-blessed, a mixture of fragrance of sweat, human odour, the Tevere, and many other smells. What the heck, this is Rome. It is really magnificent.

Photos courtesy of Xian Gallardo. Visit his Facebook page- Xian Gallardo Photography 

The model featured in his page is Kian Sumague, my cousin. Gwapo at sexy yan dahil dala niya ang dugo ko. Wehehehe! Yabang! Anyway, Mr. Gallardo is available and up for grabs. hahaha! Binebenta ko talaga kaibagan ko! What are friends are two, di ba? hahaha! 

Kian however is not for sale. Minor pa yan so beware mga girls in heat, paedophiles, and horny bekis. Ako na lang kung gusto niyo. Besides, ako manager niyan. Hehehe! 


  1. you and your couzin are so cute....hahaha

  2. probably the holiest place to be you'll feel really close to go when your there they say

    1. I think so for Catholics. You'll feel so much holiness inside the Basilica, but once you're out in the streets of Rome, it's totally different.

  3. You're so lucky you're able to go to this kind of places. :(

    1. Don't worry, you'll have your chances too. If ever you visit Florence, contact me immediately and I'll be your guide!

  4. Isa yan sa mga dreams ko ang makapag tour sa vatican and see all the art works! Lalo na ang st peter's cathedral


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