Sunday, August 12, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 4- Epistle of an Epal- To the Men of Abercrombie

Dear Man-Whore Model of Abercrombie,

I have to admit that I’m envious and resentful of your nice abs and attractive looks and physique. I’ve been dreaming of having those and I have been working hard (okay, not that hard, but I’m freakin’ working on it!) to attain such results.

I’m also resentful of the fact that your salary is better than mine, and all you have to do is stand there half-naked, get pictures with girls, and girls, and more girls, and get paid like a man-slut.

They can’t even touch you in a way they would want to, and no one is entitled to bring you home. You’re treated as a gentleman but being paid like a high-class whore? What have you done to create a better society and economy?! Nada.

Here I am working so hard in my destitute-but-not-shameful job, allowing my masters to exploit me in the way I don’t want to, and you’re there just STANDING.

I hate my life. And I hate you.

But let’s put this envy thing aside. Let’s discuss about the materialization of the human body. You and especially your female colleagues have become sex toys. A decade ago, something like this would be appalling, now it’s all for marketing purposes. Abercrombie actually created your work as REAL JOBS. Freakin’ a-holes! Slowly but surely your paymasters are conditioning the minds of people, telling them that- hey be a douchebag, a real life sex doll, it’s freakin’ ok! It’s fashionable! It’s the trend! It’s beautiful! It sells!

You’re a tad bit near to the category of prostitutes, and we’re even that near to legalize prostitution. You’ve also contributed to the distortion of the concept of beauty, and the concept of human dignity.

Even kids that I know, they seem to accept it as normal. Selling sex and fantasies is not normal. It’s called prostitution you freakin’ perv! No matter how hard they pray in their church and yet guys in their own beds are lost in their orgasmic pleasures of the palm or  girls drowned in the oblivion of romanticizing about those guys, it would be useless.

I know, people would say that I’m being a kill joy and that I’m bitter because I’m fat and ugly. Freakin’ hell yeah I am! But I wouldn’t want my sister, or my children work like that! I would rather have them flip burgers than become semi-prostitutes!

Other people won’t accept my opinion because deep inside they’re perverts, latent paedophiles, and whore-mongers.

I’m not saying sex is a sin. But the de-humanization of the body to let it be seen as an object of sexual pleasure, like meat sold in the market is unacceptable.

Maybe I’m just kill-joy, maybe I’m just bitter and envious, and maybe my opinion is wrong. Maybe if I would look like them, I would change my opinion. Maybe if my paymasters would give me more, and the thought that I’m paid better than them, my mind would change. Maybe. But you all know that I’m right.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say Mr. Man-Whore Model. Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Bitterly yours,

T. G. Bagyo


  1. i can relate to you abs is still far at reach to me

    1. I know right, it is really frustrating...

  2. abs can make anyone dumb


    Girl : i hate you
    *boy take of shirt show up abs
    Girl : what we're we talking again ?


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