Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SUMMER BUHAY BABOY Chapter 5- Dear Trenitalia

Dear Trenitalia,

I hope you’re happy now that you have actually squeezed almost 200 euros from my wallet in my recent trip to Milan.

I’m simply amazed at the fact that despite the havoc this crisis has caused and the shameful lay-offs by big companies, you were able to keep all your employees safe, including the freakin’ fat stupid lady in Milan who printed my ticket.

The day (July 25) we arrived at the Centrale, Milan’s train station, I went straight to the ticket office to buy a ticket for three going back to Florence. I explicitly told her “I would like a ticket FOR TOMORROW JULY 26”.

I had so much faith in the efficiency of your employees, that when the b*tch printed our ticket, I didn’t check it.

The following day, hours before our departure, I noticed that the ticket was valid the previous day.

I went back again to the station and made so much fuss about YOUR EMPLOYEE’S error. To my disappointment, according to company’s policies, it was my obligation to check my own ticket. I was wondering if it isn’t the obligation of your employee’s to be NOT STUPID. Anyway, I gave way because the law is always on the side of the powerful and the financially capable.

But anyway, we were able to come home safe and sound, freakin’ thanks to your trains.

I just hope that you’ll start sacking inefficient dim-witted employees. I really do hope that may your managers, executive officers, and all those vice-president freaktards in the company be constipated with money, puke money, until they all die violent deaths. OR, you can start handing out refunds.

Anyway, you can be sure that I’ll be riding Italo the next time. And I promise to check my ticket the next time. As for the money you sucked from my wallet, keep it. The day will come that you’ll pay me back.

Bitterly yours,

T. G. 

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  1. that sucks haha but at least you had a great time back thre


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