Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rebound Girl

I’m sure you’ve all read about my pseudo-gf Miss Marijuana (click here and read Feelingerong Flingero) .

As I said before, she’s really pretty, cute and sexy. And boring nerds like me would never ever have somebody like her. I’ve thought about it for quite some time and I know nothing’s gonna work between us, except for this fake relationship thing.

One time when I came to work, I saw this guy I know who is the director of a fast-food restaurant. He’s still young and good-looking and Marijuana actually likes him.

Mr. Director recently broke up with his girlfriend and is now rumoured to be making advances towards Marijuana.

Tripster Guy: So, do you go out with this guy?

Marijuana: Asus, selos ka naman?

Tripster Guy: Wish mo lang? But seriously? Nag-date na kayo?

Marijuana: No, I’m not interested.

Just as I thought. Crazy Miss Marijuana has no intentions of moving on. She’s still hoping that one day she and her ex will be back together again. Well, first love never dies. First love would actually kill you.

The thing with this Mr. Director is that he has a friend Mr. Manager who also attempted to date Miss Marijuana. Even in their most sophisticated Don Giovanni-Latin-Lover-Classic-Italiano schemes, Miss Marijuana refused to take her friendship with these two guys any further than that. Both are stuck in her Friend Zone.


Both guys tried to date her AFTER breaking up with their girlfriends. Did they really think that Marijuana is an easy hooker? She dresses up like one and sometimes act like one, but this girl uses her brain, (seldomly and fortunately in the right moments).

It makes me furious how certain douchebags treat girls like this- rebound girls. How could they possibly think that women’s brain is similar to the phallus-centered masculine brain (or whatever that is inside their skull)? Akala nila makaka-score sila kay Miss Marijuana ha, huh!

But who knows? Inamin din naman ni Marijuana kay Mr. Director na mahal pa rin niya yung ex niya, at inamin din ni Mr. Director na ganun din siya. So pareho lang pala silang rebound! Mga trip talaga, puro ka eng-engan pa. So paano yan? Mag best friend na sila? Ano to? PBB Teens? Hahaha!

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

ATTENTION: I’m not bitter or jealous. I just don’t like how they treat Miss Marijuana. We are friends, and I mean a lot less than friends. So don’t think crazy thoughts.


  1. iba na kasi tlga naun no di na puro love lng dmi na issues buti ako msaya

    1. Nako, ewan ko nga ba. Totoo talaga ang theory na kapag na in-love, tumitigil talaga ang utak.

  2. Haha!! Users! Tsk tsk! I know one... Si ano!

  3. yan ang ayaw ko pagdating sa love eh, dameng issues

    1. Ganon talaga sa pag-ibig, lahat nadadamay sa katangahan ng isa. hahaha!


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