Monday, August 27, 2012

Two for the Show

What I’m looking for in a band is good noise, great music, and fantastic songs. Hindi lang puro pa-cute o mga over-rated music artist. I want bands that are very unique. I usually like indie bands, because they’re not so sugar-coated and commercialized. They do make good noise, and usually they’re two-man bands. Here are some of my favourites-

The White Stripes

American rock duo formed in 1997. I only heard about them in late 2004 when “The Seven Nation Army” was played in Italian radio stations. After hearing the song, I got hooked.  I’ve seen also their live performances in YouTube. Man, they really rock! The band is made up of Jack White (guitars, vocals, and keyboards) and Meg White (drums). They split in 2011.

The Dresden Dolls

Have you ever heard of that song about a coin-operated boy with its unmistakable and unforgettable piano intro? I’m sure you’ve heard of it, “Coin-Operated Boy” by The Dresden Dolls, another two-man band. Their song was used in some advertisement. Anyway, I was amazed at how two people can gather a horde of music lovers during their concerts. Most of the time they use keyboards and drums. Keyboards and drums for a concert? Can you believe it? And they rock the whole place! The groups consists of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione, and it was formed in 2000.

The Black Keys

TBK is an American rock duo composed by two college drop-outs- Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. I just love their “Gold in the Ceiling” song. I made it my ring tone. I just love garage rock, especially when it is good noise made by two music geniuses.


And finally, my recent discovery, the Korean Band and winner of the KBS’s Top Band competition- Toxic. I was looking for a cover of Hotel California which I can play, then I bumped in to this music video. And the rest is history. God I love these guys. They sure can make me gay whenever I listen to them or watch their live performances. Nyaha! I love them! I love their music!

I wanted to order an album from South Korea, the only problem is I DON’T KNOW KOREAN. Damn it!


  1. hello, salamat sa pagdalaw.. hehe

    hindi man ako maka-relate sa mga banda... pero kung ako din gusto ko din yung fantastic songs at good noise:)

  2. never heard ko pa ang mga songs na to except for hotel california and i liked toxic's version..astig!

  3. Hindi ko alam yung mga kanta at banda, pero I liked the korean band's version. :)

  4. nice nice nmnm di ako familiar mxado sa mga band peo pinaka gusto ko pag gumagawa sila ng cover with a twist

  5. hurray for TBK. I'm actually planning to write something about them soon. :) Nasa drafts na. Sana matapos soon. XD

  6. Woah. You made my day bro!

    Agree with your idea about indie bands, mas maganda yung mga nagagawa nilang kanta. May mas puso at buhay. I'll be searching about The Black Keys and Toxic songs. Cheers for this post!

  7. sa mga nabanggit mo, black keys yung pinaka trip ko. sa mga banda, gusto ko switchfoot, mutemath, saka hale.

  8. i like foster the people ...they are indie pop

    i like one direction too lol


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